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10 caribbean resorts with awesome water parks

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
In addition to playing on the beach, playing in the water park is also one of the most classic summer activities.
These water playgrounds
Complete with winding water slides, relaxing drifting rivers, suspended buckets and interactive game scenes-
Provide an interesting way to beat the heat.
Fortunately, there are many resorts that have their own water parks, reducing the pressure on families to drive, park and pay for admission.
Memory splash Punta Cana, the dominican Republic memory splash Punta Cana is not just a water park in its premises-
It has the largest water park in the Caribbean.
Children of all ages (
And their parents, of course)
It is possible to narrow down the water pipes, soak in suspended buckets, and bravely enjoy the refreshing wave pool.
For more adrenaline.
Pumping adventure, head to 370-
The foot black hole, which seems to violate the laws of physics, slides.
Kamikaze water slide also takes 50-
Walk down vertically and spectacular views of the resort.
Marcos Beach Resort & Spa
Friendly resort with multiple swimming pools (
A few swimming. up bars)
Shopping malls, large spas, restaurants and bars are not the biggest attraction.
Looking for giant tourists
Interesting time might think the gem on the crown of the hotel is 45,000 of it-square-
Change to walking water park.
Is the interesting youridea floating in 650-
Lazy River feet, hang 10 with a surf simulator, explode with a high pressure water gun, Wade in the whirlpool, or raise your hand when it drops quickly --
This vast space flies the waterslide and brings fun to people of all ages.
Hilton Resort & Spa Jamaica Rose Hall-Jamaica\'s small print
Located on the busy North Shore, the Rose Hall Resort & Spa Montego beerston has all the typical decorations
A nice beach, a relaxing spa, several restaurants and several swimming pools).
However, due to the live water park, it managed to stand out from other packages
The largest in Jamaica.
Connecting the vast lagoon-
This oasis-style pool complex attracts 280 of children and adults
Slide at the foot, a lazy river, several terraces, and a jungle garden with ropes --and-
Wooden suspension bridge.
Poolside drinks and swimming-
You can expect a lively and loud atmosphere in the bar.
Eco-Resort Sandos kalacol, MexicoOnly with family
Friendly part, it\'s all
The inclusive resorts and spas at Kamen Beach combine Mexico with a variety of things that are essential
Visit the destination: a natural cave with great snorkeling, Mayan culture, jungle with roaming animals, outdoor pool and beautiful beach.
The water park is also a small park with 17 waterslides and a wide variety of shallow water play areas.
For older children, there is a children\'s club with a movie studio, video games and a small climbing wall.
The nightly performances, guided walks, dance classes, and beach activities were all done well.
Negicafamilies Beach Negril Resort & Spa, traveling with kids, no worries their kids will be busy in all of this-
Inclusive Resort
With a children\'s camp, several swimming pools, activities including Sesame Street featured breakfast, and a spacious water park, the children will spend some time here.
When it comes to the latter, 18,000-square-
Foot water park for kids of all ages from 200-foot-
Long water slides to a lazy river to a pool.
This is not to say that there is nothing to entertain mom and dad.
Spa in the hotel, candlelight dinner for two and swimming-up bars —
Plus Seven Mile Beach location in negrell-keep grown-
Ups is also very happy.
Iberosta Paraiso Lindo, Maya on the waterfront between Cancun and Carmen, Mexico, all-
Inclusive hotels encourage guests to go out.
There are many sun loungers on both sides of the charming private beach, offering water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling.
Other cooling methods: rest in the drifting River or wave pool, play water balls in the activity pool, play water skiing games with children in the water park, or have a cocktail or two while swimming
Bar with main pool.
Crown Paradise Club Cancun, Mexico if you come to Cancun to relax, although Crown Paradise Club is located directly on the beach, it may not be your place to go.
The atmosphere here is undoubtedly active, thanks in large part to the multiple swimming pools (
Children\'s Pool and adult poolonly pool)
Special Baby Club with exciting toys and bounce house, kids-
Only water parks with fountains and slides, and youth clubs with video games, ping-pongand darts.
For older children and young people, there is a water park adventure area with a beach volleyball court, winding waterslide, rocks
Climbing Wall and zip line.
Cruise Log: transformed into carnival hipmoon Palace Golf & Spa resort brings a striking new water park, Mexico along the Riviera Maya of Cancun, the huge moon palace compound, divided into three
Grand sun and moon-
For children inside and outside.
The Sunrise Children\'s Club features a mini racecourse, an art room and an arcade to keep the children happy indoors.
There is a water park outside with slides and swimming.
Steel and a Flowrider machine.
Just don\'t expect the hotel to have pure white sand and turquoise water
Unlike the hotel area, the area\'s beaches often smell bad and are covered with seaweed.
Coconut Bay Beach Resort & SpaLuciaThe 250-
Rooms at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa offer the best of both worlds: suitable for adults (Harmony)
A family (Splash).
In the splash area you will find the child
Friendly pool with separate pool-
A bar for adults and children, a water park, a waterslide, a lazy river, and a small swimming pool.
At the same time, growth
Ups can use 11,000-square-
Fitness center, tennis court, fitness center
Only swimming pool with Jacuzzi and waiter service.
A mile, of course.
Long Beach with sun loungers and umbrellas is also a good place for vacation.
Gems out of control Beach and Golf Resort and JamaicaThose get through it all
The impressive look of the luxury hotel will be delighted to find a full range of activities suitable for a wide range of guests.
Want to hang around all day? The free-
The swimming pool and picturesque beaches provide the main real estate to do so.
Looking for more action?
Kayaking, snorkeling, golfing and weekly bonfire are available.
There are a lot of entertainment for kids, such as water park and laser tag.
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