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10 scary water slides around the world that are both terrifying and absolutely fricking amazing

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
Because it\'s summer, we just want to have an ice cream in some hot place, and we collect the craziest water slides in the world, and crazy people enjoy/hate every second of their videos.
Some people are very tall, some kill people (allegedly)
Some look great.
Officially the highest water slide in the world, with a height of 14-
There\'s no doubt that the Insano slide looks like it might kill you.
It\'s too steep and takes only four seconds to get it done and we bet it will surprise you.
So, the bad news is that this slide was removed from the park 18 months ago, looking at the picture of death, and it\'s not surprising that there are rumors that it will be replaced.
The slides themselves take you to 80 miles at a leisure speed of over 33 metres per hour.
This one looks pretty, but you realize there\'s 60-
One foot fell into the lagoon of the shark. Oh, yes.
You are stuck in the sink so the monster of the sea can\'t actually eat you but the sink is seen
So, that\'s it.
The reason this photo is so rough and there is no video is because the slide is actually closed in its 80 s-it is said to be due to death, actual death-or rumors spread.
Only one summer was opened in 1985.
It is reported that the limbs of the test dummy are missing and those dummies on the slide are paid. Oh.
Put yourself and three companions in an inflatable pod and rotate.
It sounds gentle, but it is very popular and has now copied it in more than 50 other water parks, so take this for example.
Yes, this slide is exactly the same as it looks-it throws you into the sea.
Considering that it was built on the Sicilian coast and sent you directly to the Mediterranean, it won the most beautiful water slide. Dreamy.
It will make you dizzy, it does go very fast, it is 440 feet tall and very long.
Almost everything you want from the sink.
In addition, there is a hot tub and sauna that can be restored after the event.
Yes, we will.
Well, a sink is combined with a flat plane! Dream scenario.
Four different slides have started inside Boeing, all of which have declined to varying degrees.
The most terrible thing is that it was named a slump because of its sharp decline. Eek.
It looks more terrible than it is now, mainly because you have an inflatable rubber ring that can sit on it and become your loyal friend throughout the length of the slide.
Three giant tubes are connected across the water park.
This one died. Phew.
It wouldn\'t be a ride list without OTT from Orlando, Florida, and now will it shake your head a little?
You are divided into two or four groups and encounter a vertical drop of 53 feet.
We really don\'t understand this mysterious journey that is a bit scary.
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