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10 things no one tells you before you do an obstacle course race

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Obstacle course competitions like Togh Mudder and Total Warrior are becoming more and more popular, and in 2014, more than one person may become muddy in the name of entertainment and fitness.
Most events claim that they are the most difficult (
Like an arms race during the Cold War.
But before you take the risk and really put it into it, what are the ten things that no one tells you?
I\'m lucky (or stupid)
Over the past few years, many of my weekends have been stuck in the mud, and when I travel around the country and look back at the muddy races, I have accumulated some serious mud.
So, here, I want to tell you what the muddy madness of the obstacle course competition will bring. . . 1.
The parking lot may not be a parking lot, no one told you 10 things before you went to the gym, no one told you 10 things before you went to Wimbledon, no one tells you 10 things, it has to be Off in a remote area with at least five miles long before you start fishing to get the best course-road terrain.
The parking lot is no different.
Chances are your car is stuck in the mud.
At least, it needs to wash the car on the way home. 2.
The water will be cold and at some point in the game you will most likely have to jump into the open water.
No matter what time of the year, the water will be cold.
It will tie your crown jewels into the middle of youdrift.
Adding 100 liters of ice will add a new twist to the freezing of the brain.
You can\'t prepare for this.
I knew it was coming. 3.
At some point in the game you question your sanity and you stop and hear your body ask your mind, \"Do you really want to do this ? \"?
Being in front of you will be an obstacle that looks so terrible, and everyday life will make it silly for you to try.
In fact, many obstacles are meaningless.
\"Why do I run with a tire?
That\'s right, you think.
But only failure will listen to this logic.
Everything about these games is to push you to the limit.
Expect unexpected. 4.
Obstacle Racing is a friendly sport that does not tolerate the rules and selfishness of friendship.
Helping each other is part of experience;
Many people choose to participate in the competition as part of the team.
Of course, you can play against your team.
But you may need some help at the barrier.
Finally, you also need someone to celebrate together.
Most events will have some form of party after the scene becomes a fitness version of fitness stonbury, DJ, smelly portorloos, food carts, mud and beer on standby. 5.
At the end of the game, you have to take off your clothes in the fields in the middle of strangers, and you will be wet, cold and disguised in the mud;
Dignity will be the last thing you want.
You\'ll want to take your clothes off as soon as possible, but changing the facilities isn\'t always the best in the obstacle race.
They are often located in remote places, so it\'s a bit like changing on the beach in front of hundreds of people. 6.
The shower after the game is like a golden dust baby wipes or a few towels will be your best friend.
You may get a cold water hose, but don\'t rely on it. 7.
There\'s a good chance your coach won\'t be living out of the obstacle classes and seems to be in a silent battle to see who can make their participants the most blurry.
It\'s stupid not to expect a knot.
In some places, mud will be compared to fast sand like syrup.
Tie your shoelaces well, otherwise they can easily be drowned out by the dark swamp.
If they do take part in the event, be prepared to give them a good bubble or simply send them to the wheel box. 8.
On your way home, you will find dirt in places you never thought about, and you will see strange sights at gas stations or supermarkets, as you have not yet noticed the mud stalactites on your ears.
Every corner and gap will leave some mud after the event;
Your toe nails will be Brown for at least a week.
Give you an extra 15 minutes to scrub when you get home, and then give you another 10 minutes to clean the tub.
Alternatively, you may be forced to take a shower with the dog on the tap outside. 9.
Training for three months the next day, every muscle in your body will be sore and do more burpees, press-
Ups, run through the block more than you want to remember.
Then you show up in the race and find that you have to carry a mile-long log of 10 kg metres, drag yourself under the cargo net, or jump six times --
Foot wall after sixfoot wall.
Whatever you prepare, they will be a surprise on the day of the game.
Each obstacle course is different, but a full body exercise is required for each obstacle course.
The next day, it is likely that not only will your legs be sore, but your arms, abs, wrists, shoulders and anything in between will also be sore. 10.
When you finish the first game, you will be very addictive.
Obstacle classes are like a playground for adults, allowing you to do something that is considered stupid, unsafe, or stupid in your normal life.
Before you know it, you come back every year and start accumulating some \"muddy milk\" across the country \".
Rob Foulkes has written hundreds of projects for the UK\'s largest obstacle racing site, Muddy Race, with each runner having a separate score profile.
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