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10-year-old boy dies on kansas water park ride

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
The 10-year-
Officials say an old son of a state councillor died Sunday in a car accident at schlitterbarn water park in Kansas City, Kansas City.
Park spokesman Winter Prosapio said Verruckt ride and the rest of the park had been closed for a full investigation.
\"We are sad to tell everyone that a little boy died at Verruckt this afternoon,\" Prosapio said on Sunday . \".
\"Given that safety is our top priority, we closed the Kansas City park today and Monday and closed the park before a full investigation.
Our thoughts and prayers are with our family at this difficult time.
\"The boy was identified as Caleb Schwab, the son of the Kansas representative, 10 years old.
Scott Schwab and his wife, Michelle Schwab.
Police said earlier that the boy they did not name was 12 years old.
\"Michelle and I would like to thank Olathe and Kansas City in Kansas, Scott Schwab said in a statement: \"The community and all of our friends and family expressed support and sympathy for the sudden death of our son Caleb Thomas Schwab. \".
\"Since the day he was born, he has brought rich joy to our family and to all the people he has touched,\" he said . \".
Kansas House speaker Ray Merrick sent an email to other members of the State Council asking them to pray for the boy\'s family.
He wrote: \"It was with an absolutely broken heart that we had to pray for the Schwab family who suddenly lost their sweet and energetic son in an accident today.
\"There is no language for this terrible tragedy to express the pain of all of us.
Prosapio said it was not clear how the accident happened and had been checked for weeks before the water park was open in the summer.
As the world\'s tallest waterslide, the Verruckt waterslide opened in 2014.
Riders must climb 264 steps to get to the top of the slide
It is more than 168 feet higher than Niagara Falls.
According to park officials, cyclists sit on inflatable rafts and jump off the slide at speeds of 40 to 45 miles per hour.
The riding time is about 11 seconds.
Due to mud, storms and unsuccessful testing, Verruckt was out of budget and opened a year late.
To mimic the human rider, the designer used sandbags during the test, several of which slid off the slide.
Debrorah Hersman, CEO of the National Security Council, told ABC News today that few people died in the water park.
\"The good news, you know, is that we don\'t see death.
They are so rare, \"she said.
\"We did see injuries,but]
They are also not common.
Hersman said the most common injuries seen on the water slide were injuries to the head, neck and back.
She said her organization is committed to ensuring that everyone using the rides is safe and that \"local and national authorities as well as manufacturers are also responsible\" to ensure guests at the waterpark.
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