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11 of london\'s best playgrounds you should take your kids to this summer; it\'s a great way to tire them out while you have a sit down.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Ellie mcginnell: we are looking forward to the holiday season of the year, but in a few weeks we are starting to despair --
How do we keep our children busy?
A good way to get them out is (
And their equipment)
My friends and I took them to the park.
Allow you to have a catch-up with your people.
London has a lot to offer in the playground.
Here are some of the best.
Everything in this park
You can climb over boulders, explore African trees, and climb over logs.
There is also a traditional children\'s playground with asandpit, trim trail and skate park.
If that\'s not enough, there\'s rock climbing, bells and bongodrum (
You may not want to point this out, though).
There are basketball rings, tennis nets and table tennis in the game area, while outdoor fitness equipment is available in the adult area.
For those who love nature, there are plenty of wandle coats too, and you can stroll along the river banks as the Ducks swim out and watch the water flow under the aVictorian Bridge.
Location: waddon, Cornwall Road is an amazing hidden lavender field that you will never believe is right outside of Croydon. This is a great place to go if you have children of different ages because of it
Swings, slides and rock singers are perfect for toddlers, while trap bars and fitness stations will delight older siblings.
Better yet, you can see all the areas from one place, so even if your child is interested in different things, you can focus on them while they play.
There are trains, cars, and ships to get your young people away, good luck
Although you can bribe them with wood
Fried pizza in the cafe!
Location: Battersea Albert Bridge Road in the heart of Kensington Gardens is an unexpected huge wooden pirate ship
The center of the memorial playground is dedicated to the late Princess.
There is a sensory trail, tent, \"Beach\" on the playground of the children\'s playground, and of course the huge boat.
It is specially designed for people who are not very capable.
Sound children are also designed to develop their social and educational abilities.
Location: Bayswater Road Kensington Gardens is pleased to be listed on the list of London @ culturewhisper\'s faveplayground!
Some of the children in London are really great on public spaceships.
Great articles for families as the weather gets warmer.
May 21, 2019 is suitable for all the little ones, there are some adventures on this playground (a zip wire)
More tame (a huge sandpit)-
For those of you who just want to run around, here are some huge lawns.
The park, in partnership with the Great Ormond Street Hospital, offers visitors an indoor music area and a wheelchair.
Friendly game area.
Remember to bring a swimsuit if the weather is good
There is a swimming pool throughout the spring and summer.
In the bigger park, your children have more free activities, including city farms and wildlife parks.
The staff of this park is not only your normal adventure playground, but also takes it to a new level.
Children can help build dens and tree houses, play in the garden, and do art and crafts.
Encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle by eating food they grow and exercising through games
If your child is over eight years old, you can leave them here all day long.
Once your kids come in every day, we\'re pretty sure if you\'ll bring them here.
Location: 10 grameis road back to the Future musical is coming to London, get 2 for 1 in this park, there is a \"tumblingbay playground\" in the north \", there is a \"amusement park playground\" in the South \".
Rolling Bay Playground takes advantage of the park\'s natural landscape, including rock pools, sandpits, tree houses and shaking bridges, as well as slides, swings and ample running space.
The amusement garden includes two areas-
One is a huge red Climate Wall and the other is a huge fountain.
There are also oversized slides, swings and a sand pit perfect for impatient young people who are not good at waiting for their turn.
Location: the huge park on Olympic Park Avenue is an award winner for good reason.
In addition to the classic children\'s playground, there is an outdoor gym, tennistables, and the floodlight play area --
It is suitable for older children to run outside.
If you can drag the kids to the famous Victorian Winter Garden School of Musicit\'s stunning.
Location: Eltham Bexley Road, it may not be big, but in central London it is a great place to stop and entertain the children.
There is a children\'s playground and a stadium, this is the first time you have seen your typical play area, but this park is the observation deck overlooking the wildlife area --
Pay attention to all types of birds, as well as butterflies and even bats!
There is also a designated \"dog run\" area, which is an unusual place and is perfect for dog owners and kids who are afraid of dogs (
So can avoidalike.
Location: at the junction of Ilbert Street and Third Avenue, Kensal Town, this is a real adventure playground with a newly designed game area in Holland Park with climbing structure, zip line and 10 visitors
See, a flying dragon of 11 people and a mini climbing wall.
The park also hosts special events for children, and the eco center is a youth club that meets every Saturday to raise awareness of wildlife and the natural environment.
Special facilities for sports children include tennis, football, gold, cricket and tennis.
Location: Ilchester Square, London
London is known for its burrockwell beauty and is expected to have a month-long heat wave, even if your child can\'t swim, it\'s a great place to take the family.
There is a swimming pool with a small fountain for young visitors and a great playground where Lido and the playground will make the older kids happy.
The real attraction is a miniature railway with a running train that the whole family can take in the park.
Location: Dulwich Road in Herne Hill has a great play area with sand pit and trampoline, paddle pool and play area, but even better, it has a lot of animals.
You can look at deer and goats in animal circles, or you can look at birds.
There is also a \"one hour Club\" for children under the age of five and an organic market garden run by community groups.
Location: Church Street, Stoke Newton (S)
: Credit: David Cook credit: If the playground is not enough, there is also Go Ape at Battersea Park in Emily Chudi!
Credit: PA Arcelormittal track is another attraction for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Credit: Hackney/Dominic Frenchman\'s London borough, a great place to spend the summer
With the children. co.
Don\'t pretend that only the kids want to take this car in the UK: @ 999 London is too green!
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