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25-year-old drowns in swimming pool

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Hebbagodi police filed a lawsuit against a private club near Huskur Gate, where a factory worker allegedly drowned during an office outing in the pool.
The deceased has been identified as Gururaj under the age of 25. year-
An old resident of arnekar taruko Yolanda Harry.
According to police, Gururaj and 23 of his colleagues went to the real estate club during a company trip in June 2.
One of his colleagues, Kiran Shettigar, later told police that they used the pool around 11. 30 a. m.
But left around 1. 30 p. m for lunch.
Gururaj accompanied them, according to FIR, but five minutes later, when the food arrived, he told his colleagues that he wanted to go back to the pool and leave the table.
Kiran said in a complaint to the police that Gururaj did not appear even after the age of 2. 15 p. m.
His colleagues worried that he was not there and could not contact him, so they began to look for him. Around 4 p. m.
Found him in the pool.
He was taken to a private hospital in the area where the doctor announced his death.
The staff claimed negligence in the management of the club.
According to the complaint, club management failed to provide life jackets to swimmers and did not appoint trained personnel to monitor the swimming pool in case of emergency.
The police registered an FIR according to the complaint.
No arrests have been made so far.
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