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$250 million resort, water park planned just north of Austin

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
A Wisconsin-
The resort, which is located opposite Dell diamonds, is making waves after a joint statement with Round Rock on Wednesday detailing the intention to build a conference center, resort and water park.
Kalahari Resort has announced plans to work with an African tourist to make the Round Rock home to its latest expansion efforts
The resort can accommodate up to 1,000 rooms, a conference center, a restaurant, and a theme family-friendly resort with indoor and outdoor water parks.
According to the website, in addition to Kalahari\'s initial investment, the project is expected to \"generate millions of dollars in annual revenue for local governments and countries\", not less than $0. 25 billion.
In addition, the park will add \"at least\" 700 jobs to the circular rock community.
The resort is scheduled to be completed in 2020 after city approval and may offer competition to Schliterbahn.
Rolling Stone City will vote on a memorandum of understanding next Thursday to determine if the project will continue.
The city has raised questions about the possible impact of the project on public infrastructure, water consumption, transportation and the local economy.
Kalahari currently owns and operates three properties in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin.
Texas property will be the company\'s first property in the southwest. MMedina @ express-news.
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