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3d printed boxing santa biped robot with lolin d32 board and smartphone app using ble with arduino ide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! ! !
So I shop online to see if I can find any Robot Santa in the market and as a result I can\'t, so I decided to build one for myself.
I decided to design a 3 servo walking bipedal robot because I had to design the design of 3 servo robots from scratch.
I would like the robot to be able to print in full 3d, using only the existing easy-to-get electronic parts, to be installed without any modifications.
The task was tough, but in the end I understood that the boxing Santa robot was born! ! !
All 3d printed parts are designed using Autodesk fusion 360 software.
In this Instructure I will show you how to make a simple 3D printing boxing bipedal robot.
The back of this robot has a 400-hole welded bread plate so feel free to customize the electronics and let him do what you want!
In this case, the robot will recharge via a 5 v micro USB using the esp32 board with wifi and BLE capabilities: the LOLIN D32 board. The board will be programmed in the following ways: the arduino IDEThe robot will pass through BLE (
Bluetooth low energy)
On the smartphone app: BLEYou\'s nRF toolbox requires a smartphone with BLE functionality in order to control the robot through this app!
Because Christmas is coming, it makes sense to be a robot Santa Claus.
I wish you a happy holiday and a happy building! ! !
For this note you need: Tools: Electronics :! !
It is important to get this model of bread plate so that it can be installed correctly inside the robot! !
The total price of electronic parts is $25 AliExpress. 48PLASTICS:! !
Please note that the requirement of printing robot 1 kg m per filament is over 100 spools, which will be good! !
3D printer: minimum build platform: 150mm x 150 MSRP 3d printer.
I personalized printed it on Creality Ender 3, a low cost 3D printer under $200, and the print results were perfect.
Smart phones must have BLE (
Bluetooth low energy)capabilities.
There are BLE versions of Iphone 5 and above.
The latest Android phone should be equipped with this feature.
Total Parts: assemble 28 robot parts according to the picture above! ! ! Important ! ! !
: Make sure the tongue of the breadboard is down and they need to be so that the breadboard can be properly clipped to the robot body.
If you want to play multiple Santa at a time, please download boxing Santa 2 3 and 4.
Control up to 4 Santa Claus\'s ino files from up to 4 different phones.
Please note that I used a different board (LOLIN D32 LITE)instead of (LOLIN D32)
In the Assembly photo, my battery is white instead of blue, which will not change anything about your Assembly of the Lorin D32 board robot. We will need 2 small screws and 3 large screens to view the detailed view of the assembly using the screws attached to the servo system.
If you follow all the instructions carefully, we are there and you should prepare a boxing Santa for yourself.
When not in use, don\'t forget to unplug the battery from the robot.
The robot can be charged with a 5 v micro usb charger.
Here are a few photos of it in action! ! !
I hope you enjoyed the instructions.
Happy Christmas, Happy Boxing Day!
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