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4 great tips for storing inflatable kayaks

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-23
Before you try to put your new boat down after a long day on the water, you should know some important tips for storing inflatable kayaks or canoes.
If you plan to use your equipment for many seasons to come, maintenance and proper storage are very important, so develop to pay close attention to the condition of your inflatable kayak and how you place it and leave every time you run out of it.
Make sure your kayak is clean and if you don\'t clean it, you probably won\'t put your coffee cup aside after a full day of coffee and shouldn\'t ignore cleaning your inflatable kayak before storing it
Be sure to pay special attention to washing sand and sand from foot brackets, rails and skeg boxes.
You may be surprised by what you can pick up in the water, which can cause damage if the kayak is folded up and put aside without being removed.
If you have space to store inflatable kayaks without deflating, this is ultimately your best option, of course, unless you put it away this season, you don\'t need it for months.
Inflatable must be stored in a dry and cool place.
This is very important!
Kayaks stored in the open air and exposed to harsh elements will become less practical and beautiful.
Direct sunlight will fade your inflatable kayak and eventually distort it.
When storage is inflated, canoes or kayaks must not be placed in any position other than where they naturally exist in the water.
Putting it aside can cause warping as easily as the sun.
Also, do not pile anything up on it, as the extended weight can cause damage.
One of the biggest benefits associated with inflatable kayaks is that they can be folded and stored in the original bags they come in.
If you \'ve ever tried to roll up the tent and squeeze it back into the original bag with a pole, you know it can be a bit challenging.
However, you won\'t have any problems as long as your kayak is ready for storage.
The first step to make sure it is ready to fold is to make sure it is completely dry inside and outside.
Even if you think it is dry, you may still find moisture if you take a clean towel to the track and Gap.
If folded like this, if it is not destroyed before then, your kayak will get moldy the next time it is used.
Fold it tightly and place it in a dry bag.
Location whether you are storing your kayak in a deflated place, consider the storage location.
If you put it in the garage with some rodents in it, chances are your kayak will be destroyed.
It also needs to stay away from cats and dogs!
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