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51 things to do with kids for after school activities in surrey; parks, crazy golf courses, soft play venues and free things to do all feature in our list.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Signature: Laura Nightingale finally fully unfolds with a lighter, warmer night and can go out for a walk and explore Surrey even if it\'s just an hour or two.
There are so many great family attractions at our doorstep and it\'s time to sit on the TV or in front of the computer and spend those dull winters.
From parks and farms to ten bowling and roller skating, the county has something for all ages and interests and is ideal for after school activities.
See the list below with ideas for the west and east of the county.
Brilliant and beautiful Surrey Chobham Adventure Farm is an exciting children\'s attraction, opened in November 2016 by bean Chapmanin with an indoor game barn, there are two game frames and then the main game frames over the age of three.
There is also an animal farm.
Address: Bagshot Road, GU24 8DB.
Tickets: atchobhamadventurefarm online. co.
Ukor hit 01276919212
Chobham Adventure Farm welcomes small animals to the barn, picking from laser exploration, bowling and planet scaling in this city center entertainment center.
Young people over the age of six can experience the state of art.
UV filled Laser Arena.
Game classes at Planet Zoom are available for children under two years of age and over two years of age.
Address: Crown Plaza GU21 6HR.
Tickets: Book online at Big Apple. co.
Crazy golf course in England is funpacked, 18-
Learning experience.
Interesting discoveries in every hole, Safari Adventure Golf walks through the deepest forests of South America, Africa and Asia.
The website is open every day from nine o\'clock A. M-9pm.
Address: Hersham, Assher Road, kt124ra.
Tickets: booking online.
Call 01932 267666 for Comor.
On sunny days, traveling here is essential and over time you should still have time to enjoy it after school or in the evening after work.
There are two ponds, a picnic area, and there is a \"secret\" beach, although a few miles from the coast.
This is a green flag-winning location with amazing Heath orchid and abundant wildlife.
Parking is available in both ponds, as well as refreshments and toilets.
Address: Priory Lane, GU10 3BT.
Tickets: Free admission, just show up.
Pick up a bag of animal feed and feed the South American camel when you arrive.
As a family farm, visitors can also watch the pig race, ride a pony, jump on a tractor and trailer, and embrace the lovely rabbit.
As many as 500 lambs are born on the farm every year.
Address: KT22 9BS youth Street.
Tickets: Call 01372 363764 or book online. co.
Explore the beautiful garden at the Royal Horticultural Society garden.
There is plenty of room to run around, to eat a bit of bitterness, and there is also a coffee shop where you can drink hot drinks and eat homemade cakes.
Occasionally there are exhibitions such as butterflies in the greenhouse and Lego models on display.
Address: GU23 6QB Wisley Lane.
Tickets: online booking. org.
UK/garden/wisley is open every year and this indoor entertainment center is ideal for after-school entertainment no matter the weather.
Located in ainesainsbury\'s, the center encourages active, imaginative and creative play in a safe environment.
You must register to visit the center at a cost of up [poundssterling]5.
According to age, each child takes part in extra-curricular activities 80 times after three o\'clock P. M.
Address: Meads Mall in Farnborough GU14 7GL.
Tel: 01252 519738 tickets: visit Jingdong play. co. uk/360-play-
Farnboroughor has just appeared.
Stroll around the country house that belongs to the national trustone house of the famous Edwardian hostess, Mrs. Greville.
The garden provides something for each season, including the best rose of June, a beautiful herb border and Winter Garden with yellow acon stones everywhere.
There are 30 acres of garden and 1,400 acres of garden.
Explore the land.
You can borrow a pair of binoculars to hide yourself and discover as many species as you can.
There is also the squirrel corner adventure playground on the website, and there are many picnic places.
Address: Big Book House RH5 6BD.
Tickets: book online in National Trust. org. uk/polesden-
Lacey freemley is open seven days a week with four games a day and children can experience the life of a vet, while also discovering the wonders of local bakeries and supermarkets through role-playing.
According to your typical street, it gives children the opportunity to play a role when entering and leaving different stores.
Address: Near gu167qh Frimley station;
Close to the station, West Byfleet, kt146ne.
Tickets: call 01276 423100 (Frimley)
Or 01932 976894 (West Byfleet)
Discover mysterious stupidity, historical planting, crystal caves and some amazing wildlife in Surrey on the beautiful 18 th-
Century Garden.
There is an educational center and a visitor center, and there is plenty of room for exploration.
If you are hungry, there is also a charming tea room on the website.
Address: Portsmouth Road, cob11 1JE.
Tickets: online booking. co.
Stroll through the wetland area in the UK and enjoy discovering wild birds from the skins.
A path from the parking lot leads to a Highway 2.
Walk 8 km along theRiver Bourne and see the open fields. The on-
Site dog friendlycafe serves breakfast, breakfast, brunch, lunch and plenty of tea and cake throughout the day.
Address: GU21 4XY Horowitz Common.
Tickets: Free admission.
The big soft game center in Surrey and the West Sussex border is set on three themed levels --
Dive under the sea, enter the jungle, and fly into space.
For young adventurers and adults, there is also a baby area and toddler corner for fun with a golf simulator game that lets us play.
There is also a black burger on site because when you are all hungry.
Address: 59/61 Brighton Road, RH6 7HJ.
Tickets: Book online at family farm attractions, featuring dressed characters, woodenplay area, game barn, animal experience and picnic area.
From jumping pillows to imaginative indoor games, Hobbledown offers 50 acres of adventure to wear them out.
Children can also get close contact with animals in the zoo, from atis to camels.
Address: Holden Lane, KT19 8PT.
Tickets: booking online.
Com Camberley this will definitely leave the kids exhausted as it has 50 interconnected trampoline, building blocks, boxes and angle trampoline of all shapes and sizes that let you jump off the wall.
There are three basketball lanes with trampoline launch units that will allow you to get some serious air in front of the perfect dunk.
Address: Golden Bell Road, GU15 3DT.
Tickets: booking online. co.
The UK has joined a theme park where the zoo can make you face to faceto-
Facing more than 1,000 exotic animals including lions and tigers.
Asian lions are smaller than its African cousins and are almost on the verge of extinction, but now there are about 500 people living in the Gill Forest National Park in India, and you can see some of them in Surrey.
Address: Leather Head Road, KT9 2NE.
Tickets: book atchessington online.
This popular attraction has a lovely view of the mountains of theSurrey.
Let the children run and pack a picnic for the outdoor dinner in the countryside.
As you stroll through the estate, you may find some roe deer, peckers, or yellow-brown owls.
This is also ideal for cycling, so remove these stabilizer and look for it.
Address: 8SE ticket for GU4 Albury Drive road: Free admission (
But pay for parking)
Enter a living Tudor era and get lost in the maze in the stunning palace that used to be Henry VIII and his wife\'s home.
Located next to the Thames, the palace offers visitors a picturesque place for an extra walk or picnic.
The magical garden is a perfect playground for children to discover with mysterious beasts, battlements and secret caves.
The last entrance to the maze and Magic Garden is 5 times. 15pm.
Address: East MorrisseyKT8 9AU.
Tickets: booking online. org. uk/hampton-court-
Brooklands Palace is the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation, the birthplace of Concorde aircraft and the home of many engineering and technical achievements.
Educational and fun attractions also have special calendars throughout the year.
Perfect for kids who love the engine.
Address: KT13 0QN, Brookland.
Tickets: online booking.
Com if you are Merlin annual pass holder, please make the most of it after school as it will be open later in the summer.
You will also avoid queuing up on weekends and school holidays.
Sit in the front row of the roller coaster and enjoy more than 30 thrilling rides, attractions and on-site activities.
Address: stain16 8PN tickets Staines Road: book atthorpepark online.
Com Farnham is back in time at the open-
Aviation museums and tourist attractions collect and preserve items related to agriculture and commodities used by local craftsmen.
It held workshops and demonstrations for children and taught them about World War I and Victorian life.
Address: tickets to Reed Road, deerford, GU10 2DL: online bookinglife. org.
Farnham UK tests your climbing skills in the treetops adventure in the forest, or explore the vast green plants for free.
There are many walking and cycling paths, game areas and wooden animal rides.
Address: Alice Holt Forest, Bucks Corner oak, GU10 4LS.
Tickets: Tree Top Adventure course, online booking. co.
Picnic in the UK and pack a bottle of hot chocolate, thick soup and homemade bread if it\'s cold.
The park has open meadows and the front of the Thames, which is popular all year round.
The game area is equipped with modern equipment, and the nearby cafes attract families and tourists who come to enjoy snacks.
During the summer months, a swimming pool, children\'s amusement facilities and recreational facilities added to the attraction.
Address: Windsor Road, TW20 0AE.
Tickets: Free admission.
This huge recreation complex features a skating rink, a swimming pool and a bowling alley, as well as many other sports activities.
If you want to grab all the moves, it\'s also home to the Guildford flame hockey team.
There is a lot of parking and Stoke park is across the road in case they are not energetic enough.
Address: GU1 1 up ticket Guilford Parkway: book Guilford spectrum online. co.
In the last few days of spring, Guildford, England, take the beautiful Blue Bell Road and enjoy the colorful carpet.
The National Trust website is open throughout the year and covers more than 400 acres.
Visitors can explore the beautiful parks and goinside in the classic country house.
Address: GU4 7RT tickets East Cranton: Book online at National Trust. org. uk/hatchlands-park The 26-
Acre park is home to hundreds of birds, including penguins, along with a farm called Jenny Rennes farm.
There is an aquarium called Underwater World, which is addedextra included in the ticket price.
Birthday parties and activities can be held in the park.
Address: Holt Pound, ticket for GU10 4LD: book online. co.
The hot, sunny days in Guildford, England are sometimes difficult, so we want to make the most of it when we get the good weather.
As one of the only remaining 1930 original lines in the country, Guilford Lido attracts about 50,000 people each season and participates in various community gatherings, competitions and other community clubs and societies.
The Olympic-sized swimming pool, heated to 24C, is a great place to relax, meet friends, have a picnic and of course swim.
Drive until 6.
At 30 every night, so there is time to collect towels and take a bath after school.
For young children, you can go to Stoke Park Gardens, where the pool is open on May 4 and is open at eight o\'clock P. M. every day throughout the summer.
Address: Lido Road, GU1 1HB Stoke Park.
Tickets: see our detailed guide toGuildford Lido for ticket prices and how to book.
Red Deer and casual deer are still walking freely in the park, just like Henry VIII used to hunt here.
Don\'t miss the estrus season in autumn.
But no matter what season it is, it is a great place to run around and enjoy the fresh air.
Address: Ticket to Hampton Court Road, TW12 2EJ: free admission, just arrived.
This park has a rich history spanning centuries.
From ancient monuments to waterfalls and magnificent views.
Toilet, coffee shop/café and parking are on site
The bar next door is friendly.
Address: Ticket to Virginia Water Park, A30, GU25 4QF: Free admission (
Bring money to the parking lot).
This is a good walking area with good footpaths for a few miles that will allow you to walk through the woodlands and open low areas with great views of the theSurrey mountains.
It is located in the Surrey mountain area with beautiful natural scenery and is a perfect place to discover wildlife and get close contact with the children.
Address: Ranmore West parking lot for RH5 6SY Tickets: Free admission, just arrived.
The indoor entertainment center is equipped with slides, nets and ballpit, located next to the Fayre and Square family bars so you can enjoy a bit of food after game time.
The hotel has a parking lot, Costa Coffee, high chair and stroller.
Address: Brighton Road, RH6 7HE.
Tickets: 01293 820188.
And its family
Friendly swimming pool, Oxford\'s leisure center is the perfect place for after-school entertainment.
There is a fitness pool for serious swimmers and a separate lagoon area for general enthusiasts, which has the function of wave machinery, inflatable devices and water. The much-
As part of the renovation of the center, missedwater slide is also under repair and will reopen in the summer of 2019.
Address: Hawkins Road, RH8 9HT.
Tickets: you can pay when you arrive at the pool without membership, although it is cheaper if you are a member.
Freemley Inn in the Park-
Open Stadium and putter course 7 days a week, mini access, children\'s outdoor playground, Park Cafe, toilet and baby replacement facilities and plenty of green and woodland.
The only question is what is pre-ordered.
Address: GU16 6HT Stewart Road. Free parking.
Tickets: Free access to the park, please visit for details
Org Guildford rock climbing is not only fun but also great for your health.
The rugged island is one of the largest centers of its type, with 100 ropes and more than 300 climbing routes that are regularly replaced.
There\'s a newbie area here, so you don\'t need to know what you\'re doing to attend.
The venue hosts a climbing club or personal meeting once a week for children between the ages of 5 and 17.
Address: GU1 1RU industrial zone, Southfield, Moorfield.
Tickets: book onlineisland. com/about-craggy-
Gilford Island is a daring place to zip up on a tree at this exciting attraction.
Located next to Stoke Park, it challenges you and makes you struggle across a bridge in a tree like a modern mandayTarzan.
You are connected by a harness and clip, so if you put something wrong, you hang it there.
Address: Peacock Wood, Lido Road, GU1 1HB.
Tickets: online bookingadventure.
In this beautiful park in Woking, you can stroll around the lake.
There is a path that surfaced around the lake, attracting the lives of various birds --
It is important to note that coot, goose, grebe with big crown and mandarin duck.
The White Rose Hotel is nearby for a snack.
Address: Goldsworth Park Centre, Danton Road, GU21 3LG Woking.
Tickets: Free admission, just show up.
During the summer months, make the most of the children\'s play areas with sand and water.
There are also lakes, tennis courts, football fields, multi-sports fields, skate parks, picnic areas, toilets and parking lots.
WoodlandTrust has held regular events for children, such as mini-animal hunting and leaf hunting.
Address: RH2 7RL Bell Street.
Tickets: Free admission.
The center is the perfect place to start exploring the canal or relax and watch the boats pass.
Facilities overlook the picturesque canals, including information points and gift shops, tea rooms, picnic areas, a children\'s playground and a campsite.
Address: GU16 6DD Mytchett Place Road.
Tickets: Free admission, just show up.
Creative workshops in galleries and museums, including
Family meeting.
Children\'s activities and interactive displays, as well as cafes along the canal.
Address: GU21 4AA Chobham Road.
Tickets: online booking. org.
There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition in the UK, and the bowling alley has plenty of fairways for family entertainment.
The Venue hotel also features an arcade, a pool table and many places to get food and drinks in the atrium.
Don\'t miss the bowling on weekdays.
Suitable for entertainment after class.
Address: atrium, cambury Park Street, GU15 3PT.
Tickets: book online. co. uk/our-
Location/12 Cumberley bowling alleys in Surrey are perfect for family trips. Stens orders an incredible indulgence of ice cream sundae made up of skyscraping rainbows
Color mixture.
The combination of taste seems endless.
Highlights include strawberry slices, Mango mania, marshmallow and lotus paste soup.
The sweet menu also features waffles, crepes and milkshakes for the last indulgence.
Address: TW18 4EE Street.
Tickets: Free admission, just show up.
Dorking explore the trails of woodland, heath and farmland at the top of the majestic Leith Hill Tower and gaze through a telescope.
Mount Leith is the highest point in the South-
Located in the beautiful Surrey Mountains, east of England.
There is a lot of space for family adventures and a lot of picnic places.
You can buy hot and cold food from servery in the tower.
Address: Lieshan Lane, near cool harbor village, RH5 6LU.
Tickets: book online in National Trust. org. uk/leith-hill-tower-and-
You may not realize it, but you can go skating at this leisure center.
There\'s another one at the venue.
Restaurant, balcony view area, dressing room-
Make it ideal for parties and groups.
You can take the kids to soft play, type them in at the swimming school, or have them go to the nursery while you are exercising.
Address: guild22 9BL Guilford Road.
Tickets: roller skating tour.
Com/venues/leatherhead watch the latest blockbuster in Surrey\'s multiple cinemas or its smaller venues with a box of popcorn and drinks in hand.
There are Odeon Cinemas on Bedford Road, Guildford and High Street, Epsom, and Camberley Park Street.
There are smallerEveryman cinema Station West Road, oxgerd, bankero Road, Rygate, High Street, Yishe, High Street, Wharton.
Some theaters in Surrey also have silver screens, such as dorking Hall, Leatherhead theater, and Harlequin in Redhill.
Address: above.
Tickets: Visitmyvue.
Com, Odeon luxury Leicester Square re-opens, luxury recliner seatsevery movie fans will love more than 40 different native species, from tiny harvest mice to magnificent red deer, discover the UK
Get the most out of your visit
An hourly admin talk gives you more opportunities to get to know the animals and see them --close.
You will hear what the hedgehog eats and how owlshunt.
Address: Eastbourne Road, RH7 6LF new church.
Tickets: visitbritishwildperfecente. co.
Ukor calls 01342 834658
Camels, goats, sheep, ducks and pigs are the stars of this farm located outside the village of Goldstone.
There are also opportunities to ride tractors and many other indoor and outdoor activities, including a huge game barn where adults can relax while drinking tea.
Tea Room, gift shop, coffee shop and ice cream shed are on site in case you are hungry.
Address: Hill Road, Tilburstow, RH9 8LX.
Tickets: Visitgodstonefarm. co.
Ukor calls 01883 742546
Farms and zoos in Surrey and North-
Huge indoor game barn for children under 11.
It has three layers high and three layers high.
Taxiway, snake skin, aerial glider, ball cannon, mini football field and interactive game pad.
There is also a specific area for 4 S with rock climbing area, aslide, interactive panel and even baby sensory area.
Meet the animals of the live mini farm.
Address: yatley Road, GU47 8JQ.
Tickets: Visitjakesplayworld.
Call 01252 871007 for Comor.
Open to skateboarders, BMX riders and people with scooters, Skaterham has for more than 20 years been providing safe indoor space for trying to slide over.
Located in the converted chapel, you need to be a member of ridethere, but you can join on the day of your visit.
Meetings of specific age groups are available on different dates, including those of 11, under 8 and under 8.
Address: kursden Road, catum-on-the-Hill, CR3 5XL.
Tickets: Free, just show up.
If you have not yet become a member, speed up by filling out the consent form and the questionnaire. Both sites are outside of Surrey, but it\'s easy to get there if you live nearby.
Experience two levels of go-
Three riders at Farnborough\'s go-kart action and Crawley\'s website, when you\'re on the fast and furious track to take on crazy curves and quick leads.
This is perfect for the whole family.
Address: Royal Gatwick Road at RH10 9RE Crawley Manor or invincible Road at GU14 7QU Farnborough.
Tickets: call 0844 998 0000 or visitteam-sport. co.
This family-
The friendly restaurant provides a separate area for parents with children, including the game area.
The monster menu for kids includes drinks, pasta to choose from, pizza, bread chicken or sausage and fries, and marshmallow raspberry jelly and dessert ice cream.
Baby replacement facilities and outdoor seating are also provided.
Address: Atrium shopping center, GU15 3QL Park Street.
Tickets: 01276 539926.
The castle overlooks the western border of Surrey and is a very interesting educational day for families.
The castle consists of two parts.
This is an ancient monument and a palace of bishops. it is a complex of first-class and first-class buildings.
You and your children will fully enjoy your day through audio tours and educational exhibitions.
Address: Castle Street, GU6 0AG.
Tickets: Free admission, free parking.
The leisure center features an indoor adventure game area designed for children aged 6 and under.
The play area offers plenty of slides, tubes, swings and other body game equipment to keep the kids entertained.
You can also enjoy the swimming pool and other activities.
Address: Linkfield Lane, RH1 1DP.
Tickets: Call 01737 764 732.
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