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7 bounce house safety tips for inflatable rentals

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-26
In any activity involving children, such as a birthday party, the bounce house is a big hit.
They immediately grabbed their attention and kept them all under one roof.
This is a function that many parents appreciate very much.
Parents should always put safety first because they are surrounded by fun and excitement.
Careless mistakes can end up causing serious damage, or even worse.
Here are seven important security tips about them.
Taking these safety precautions correctly will ensure safe and fun-filled activities. 1.
This is the first mistake most people make.
They think that since their children are with his friends, they will take care of each other.
Throughout the event, there was always a waiter standing guard.
For those who rent a bounce house, the rental company will arrange for a waiter to attend the event for a small additional fee.
It is best to take advantage of this feature to ensure the safety of all children. 2.
It is also a common mistake to leave the same age group in inflation.
Don\'t pair children of different ages in the bounce house.
This puts these little guys at a high risk of injury.
Be sure to make sure that children of the same size and age can use inflatable devices.
If there are children, large and small, in the activity, then divide them into groups. 3.
Don\'t crowd the inflatable bounce house like any other fun trip has its limitations.
Don\'t fill the area with too many children.
This can cause serious damage to the inflatable device, which in turn leads to injury.
Always keep inflatable attendance within acceptable range.
If there are too many children, divide them into groups. 4.
It is natural for children who eliminate exhaustion to feel tired at some point.
Most kids just want to find a corner to sit down and take a breather and don\'t want to leave the bounce house.
It\'s dangerous.
Sitting children are more likely to be hit by the children around them.
Immediately remove the child from the inflation and let them breathe outside. 5.
Know the inflation rules the bounce house has the rules that you have to follow.
Make sure you know them.
The rental company or inflatable manual will usually provide you with all the safety guidelines. 6.
Knowing the basic CPR and first aid, while some might think it\'s a bit exaggerated, it\'s always good to familiarize the supervisors with CPR and first aid.
This ensures that the children will get great help if something goes wrong. 7.
The bounce house is for the kids, not for adults who watch all the kids have fun.
However, the bounce house is designed for children only.
Adults should avoid using them.
Bounce House will not be able to successfully negotiate a huge increase in adult weight and may be damaged.
This puts everyone at great risk.
One thing was considered in the inflatable design --Fun.
However, following some simple security tips can make an interesting event also a safe event.
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