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9 amazing things to do at walt disney world resort in florida

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
You\'re going on vacation in Florida!
The magic of a dream come true is in your hands.
Of course, the miracle of the resort is that no matter how many times you go back, you will always find something new to look at or do.
Not just because the resort is
Evolving-add new attractions, introduce new shops and themed restaurants, update the classics-but because it\'s too big-six amazing Disney parks, including two water parks, plus two excitement
A state Time Entertainment Districtof-the-
Art sports center, more than 20 themed Disney resorts and countless dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities-it\'s hard for you to see it all.
Whether it\'s your first trip or your regulars, there are 9 amazing things to do here.
For the best tips on how to adapt to all of this, visit for all the help from finding hotels and flights to Disney park tickets.
They will plan for you, book it and put it all into the itinerary so you don\'t miss anything.
All you have to do is pack your mouse ears and get on the plane.
One night-
Spectacular time at the resort, is a super
Especially the sensory fireworks show for Dreamers.
It has more lights, lasers and projections in 18 minutes than any other fireworks show in the history of the park.
Celebrate the adventure of the Disney characters, including their favorite, the epic display of fireworks and original animations was created for the show-accompanied by a soundtrack featuring a contemporary version of classic Disney songs-Disney music lovers hear music in their ears.
This is the best way to spend the day at the resort.
Learn more.
After the day\'s event, there are more epic night shows to capture: the sensational effect of the theme park, complete with beautiful soundtrack and brightly colored lights --
Animals that slide up along the river reflect spectacular on the water.
In-an absolutely stunning fireworks, laser and projection show featuring characters and some awe
Exciting fireworksThis is a must-
See if you\'re a fan.
Visit the theme park, where you can travel to a distant world where mountains float against gravity.
Nature has survived in the brilliant glowing and mysterious rivers.
There you can fly on the back of the Mountain Banshee and feel the breath it takes under you.
Your adventure begins with the land itself as an adventure.
Hike under the mysterious hovering mountains while you will discover the totems, delicacies and artifacts of the surrounding Na\'vi culture.
Get ready for a rite of passage, until now, you can climb on the back of a life-breathing Banshee, unique to Pandora\'s Na\'vi, and let the expectation build up, know that you will experience an unprecedented flight in one of Pandora\'s largest predators.
Or, why not board a reed boat and experience the mystery of the pandolan River, where a story is told every moment.
With the canopy of the rainforest glowing with life around you, discover plants and exotic creatures as the song\'s Na\'vi shaman says.
Set foot on the land, the place for children and growth
Experience all ups
You can only find new adventures in so-much-larger-than-
The living environment of Andy\'s backyard, Woody, Bath, Jessie and other gangs invites you to join them.
Andy assembled his awesome roller coaster kit and Slinky Dog was ready to take you on a wild trip.
Stick to an exciting journey and wrap the coils of Slinky Dog around curves, hills, bridges and drops of water.
The crazy journey the whole family can enjoy together.
Aliens have launched their flying saucer to let you spin in space.
Climb up a toy rocket and continue to hold on when aliens lead first on a Star Trekof-this-world beat.
If you are really lucky, you may be \"selected\" by the claw \".
Aim and then go to Andy\'s room where your friends will help you through the 4D arcade.
Fire with all the East-West targets from baseball to cream pie
But you better be alert because
The right to score bragging!
Experience in an unforgettable adventure where you will be taken awaythe-
Water tour through Arundel
A set of tunes for your favorite songs!
Don\'t forget to go where you have the chance to take photos with your favorite royal sisters.
Enjoy a storm in the Florida sunshine at the water park.
Sunbathe on the beach, slide down the raging rapids, slide down the lazy river, and enjoy the thrills and spills of the white water tour, where you can board a treasure raft, enjoy the longest journey in Disney\'s water park history on the high seas!
The second water park is a ski resort built by Disney in Florida.
It melted.
The rest is the very cool water park.
From the rabbit slope to the Black Diamond, it is full of the thrill of the downhill and many ways to relax, whether you are a little sprayed or a big splash.
It is the most attractive attraction of the water park.
Then drop to a pure 120ft slope at a speed of over 55 miles/hour
There is even a digital clock at the bottom to show your maximum speed!
Is this a fashion place?
Forward is found at the flagship store, but it\'s also a place to take a culinary adventure with the world-
Famous chefs and lots of exciting entertainment.
Everyone will love at-this is the world\'s largest Disney character store where you can find everything from clothes, jewelry and toys to collectibles and even home decor.
Once the children have a souvenir, adults.
Ups can have fun in high-end boutiques selling fine jewelry, artwork, beauty products and accessories.
Brands such as Kiehl\'s, MAC, L\'Occitane, Sephora and anthropology, Kate Spade and Zara are all available.
If all the shopping makes you need some food, there are a lot of options around.
Head to fresh seafood, raw bars and premium steaks
From the old American double cup to the Italian water taxi, there are vintage dream boats.
Linger at night-
Enjoy time entertainment for live music.
Meeting Disney characters is one of the most exciting parts of the resort tour, and those with book insider scoop take a place in the character dining experience.
Tons to choose from ()
But we love the theme park restaurant, where you may meet Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald in safari gear while having an African-based buffet and Native America
One of the most popular restaurants
After dinner in the whole park.
At the Magic Castle of the beast, you can choose to dine in one of the three rooms: in the chandelier-
Baroque now lit
The stock price Gothic arch adds the magical scene, in the study of the beast, there is a dark, atmospheric room with his charming roses, or a private library also known as Bellthan-
Beauty and Beast dancing life characters.
You may remember Lumière on the candle holder urging Belle to \"try something gray, it\'s so delicious!
At the resort, you can find out once and for all what \"gray stuff\" is.
All meals are highly recommended-
Dinner, especially.
And can be replenished 180 days in advance.
So, in your calendar and date.
If there\'s no table-
Service points for dinner and quick service for breakfast and lunch.
At Disney, there is no need to leave the fun behind when the park is closed for a day.
With the theme Disney resort, you can live, breathe, eat and sleep around the clock.
The resort is one of more than 20 Disney resort hotels and one of the most well-designed themes in all resorts. The blue-
Hued room has an underwater atmosphere of shell lights, coral mirrors and Ariel images on the shower curtain.
There is a family suite and a beautifully decorated suite where it is actually Law to wake up the family to sing Hakuna Mata.
Elsewhere, if the pirate is more like your bag, atResort is themed with nines and even the pirate boat bed.
More of a \"spirit\" than a theme, the resort is one: a slice of the Orlando South Pacific Ocean with tropical palm trees, lush vegetation and lovely waterside cottages right above the lagoon.
From value to luxury, there are more than 20 unique Disney resorts to choose from.
Stay at the Disney resort and enjoy a variety of offers, including at Disneyland (
Valid theme park tickets and resort ID are required)
And free transportation for vacation.
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