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a bay area town, criticized for building a water park during a historic drought, did not back down

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
It was a taste of summer, and when I walked into a new water park in Dublin, California, it hit me straight through the nose.
Tuesday morning.
Several women ran a few laps in an indoor pool under a translucent roof.
In another large pool outside, members of the teenage swimming team practiced under the watchful eye of a slightly older coach.
Next to the water slide, the director is directing three new employees --
Young women who will monitor the slides
About how to communicate using gestures.
Two years ago, the bedroom community in the San Francisco Bay Area received some unaccustomed criticism for planning to build the park.
California has experienced more than three years of historical drought, and despite this, Dublin has decided to invest in the construction of a water park with six water slides, a children\'s play area and two huge swimming pools
Indoor and Outdoor
Used in sports, courses and competitions.
What the hell are Dublin officials thinking?
\"The main point of my conversation at the time was that we had two more winters to go before the park was open,\" Dublin Assistant City Manager Linda Smith said as we visited the park on Tuesday morning.
\"We need to wait and see what happens.
\"Many Californian people can\'t accept this answer because the water is so precious that it can\'t be wasted on the lawn, the pool or even the shower.
You will remember that this was the time when holier was generally humiliated --than-
You accused the neighbors of refusing to take 20-
Shower for the second time, buy almonds and wash their dusty cars.
It doesn\'t matter, Dublin is a poster child for municipal protection, almost all parks are watered by circulating water and residents have surpassed the drought protection targets.
For many people, it seems deaf to build a water park during the drought.
But funds have been allocated and contracts have been signed.
As the park says, the construction of the waves has begun.
Finally, in May 27, the plague of the past was declared with the drought (
At least for now)
The wave that opens up for business.
: If you are a person looking for excitement, water skiing at the waves may not upset you.
For example, you might like to follow three
80-story slides
Degree angle, only slows down and stops when you hit the long and flat part of the bottom.
Or you may find it exciting to put down a twisted, rotating closed tube and cross your hands on your chest like a corpse, expelled into something that looks like a giant toilet bowl, hit inside several times before stopping to climb out.
On the opening day, Smith stood next to the two steepest water slides in the Park --
Emerald diving and Dublin screaming
When she saw a 10-year-
The old boy shot down the emerald.
When he did not stop, instead he popped out of the slide, crossed the edge of the slide, and then slid over the concrete to stop.
The video shows that the accident looks terrible and painful.
\"Things have happened so fast,\" Smith said . \"
Then he showed up soon.
There is not much time to react.
He was shocked. He was a little crying.
\"According to news reports, the boy received first aid at the scene and then was examined and released at the hospital.
The park immediately closed the emerald waterfall and the slide next to it.
The state investigation continues and they remain closed.
Despite the accident, the number of people participating in the waves increased the next day.
I always think this water park is a good idea.
Dublin is a young city.
Only 35 years old
It is also one of the fastest growing states in the state.
Many of its 57,000 residents live in new communities, and more development is also on the drawings.
To some extent, the town is a living rebuke to the widespread housing shortage in California.
Some big companies open shop here (
Chevron and Toyota, for example)
The town has attracted tech industry workers willing to commute about 35 miles to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in exchange (slightly)
Low housing costs and good public schools.
The town\'s motto, \"the new American backyard,\" sums up almost Dublin\'s aesthetics.
Dublin won the award for water conservation;
90% of the water used in municipal operations is recycled.
The water park needs about 480,000 gallons of water.
Four or five California households use water each year.
It doesn\'t seem like a lot to me.
City officials have been trying to build more public pool space since 2005, but accidents in 2008 forced them to suspend the entertainment program.
The wave was back on track in 2012.
At that time, hundreds of children were on the list of waiting classes and public swimming teams.
Unfortunately, for Dublin, when the ground at the water park was broken in early 2015, the drought had reached a time of crisis.
In a bad time, the city began construction at the moment of the governor.
Jerry Brown stood on a barren land where there should be a thick snow and declared the drought a state of emergency.
I never thought drought would get in the way of water parks and swimming pools.
Is there a number of ways to save water without denying children the right to do a cool swim in the hot summer, or the opportunity for older people to exercise in the warm swimming pool in the cold winter.
The accident on the opening day is undoubtedly a setback and a sad reminder to remind people
Injuries and injuries are sometimes hand in hand.
The world is full of danger, and as Smith and I stand and chat outside Dublin\'s Shining Water Center, the gunshots in the distance remind me of this.
\"Oh, don\'t mind the gunshots,\" she told me . \".
\"This is just the shooting range of the sheriff.
They also have an emergency explosion facility for a bomb. \"Good to know. robin.
Abcarian @ latimes.
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