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a giant inflatable obstacle course is going on a tour around the uk

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
We \'ve all seen shows like Bamboo Island Castle and Wikipedia and thought \"Yes, I can do it \".
Then, when the athletes at the top fall into the water, we realize, no, no, we can\'t do that.
But hope remains.
Hopefully we are all very good at running, jumping and rocking.
That\'s why we are very excited to find that there is a way for us to try obstacle course skills without risking public humiliation or serious harm.
This summer, the world\'s longest and ever-lasting inflatable handicap classes will tour around the UK.
Known as the maze challenge, it is a 000 feet long course consisting of 30 obstacles, such as jumping
Obstacles, balance trees and huge balls.
It spans five themed areas-lava zone, jungle zone, toxic zone, battle zone and ocean zone-and jumps down from the 20ft platform and starts with a crash bag. Fun.
The last step is to climb a wall and slide a huge inflatable boat.
Games and snacks are provided when you finish your dream of obstacle classes or crush them-because scrolling on an inflatable slide really increases your appetite.
The tour will start reading this weekend and will then be moving around the UK from now until September.
Tickets start at £ 15 if you want to try.
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