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a little girl’s water slide experience ends in tragedy as her family opens up about their heartache

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
In 2018, eisenbis in London was excited to finally enjoy the biggest water slide in splash village, but died on the slide because of a rare heart attack.
The pool slide ended in the tragedy of the little girl.
Source: isenbeys, London, stands in a sealed pink capsule waiting for it to release her from the water slide. The 10-year-
The old man was finally high enough to get on the biggest slide in the park for the first time when she was ready to \"put it down\" 83-metre-
According to The Sun, she has little control over her excitement.
The picture shows Swimming London\'s heart stopping as she flew down the slide.
Unfortunately, this excitement turns out to be fatal.
When she fell four strokes, she put the young man\'s heart into an abnormal rhythm.
Sent her to the cardiac arrest room.
A few seconds later, when she came out, her heart stopped beating.
London is a talented gymnast who loves cats, he was taken to hospital for life support, but died nine days after the tragedy in the village of Zehnder\'s Splash, Michigan, USA.
She was buried the day her father was at school. Dance of daughter
Just a few weeks ago, she was dressed in beautiful clothes of her choice, without shoes, \"like an angel \". The brave 10-year-
The old one is desperate to go to the pink and purple slide.
Picture: Zade\'s \"Splash village\": in less than 7 seconds, the swimmer ended on the 83-meter \"drop\" slide.
Picture: Splash Village/YouTubeSource at Zehnder: her family did not know that \"very healthy\" London had a rare potentially fatal long QT syndrome, this can lead to a serious irregular heartbeat.
Now her 44-year-old mother, Tina, is dedicated to telling the Sun about her daughter\'s death in last February, with the aim of raising awareness of the \"hidden\" heart condition and the importance of using the defibrillator, the vibrato could have been saved.
\"London looked at her father, gave two thumbs up, smiled, walked down the slide, and the heart stopped beating,\" said Tina . \".
\"The excitement made her lose her rhythm.
\"There was a heartbeat at the top of the slide she came down and my husband said it made it even more scary.
Who would have thought that she would go out of the valley without one?
Small London eisenby from Michigan, USA likes gymnastics and cats.
Source: supplithe mum mom also shared a video that the young man took only 45 minutes to get on the slide while standing in the parking lot of splash village with her big sister Eden.
In this video, an animated London without signs of heart problems said: \"We will get some footage of the water slide, so please keep an eye on more videos.
\"Outside the water park, the little girl asked her family to go to the indoor water park on the weekend of President Day, which was the final video of misery.
She has waited two years to get on the biggest slide with a minimum height of 122 cm, described by adults as \"the most terrible experience ever \".
\"The water slide is the biggest slide they have --
\"This is terrible,\" said Tina . \". 10-year-
Old London\'s eisenbis died after asking her parents to ride a water slide in the village of Zede Shuihua in Michigan.
Seeing London smiling with her mother Tina, she begged her family to go to the water park.
Source: in order to get on the slide, visitors must walk into a small pink capsule before seeing it
The door closed and the sound of \"three, two, one\" sounded.
Then, the floor under them gave way, let them fly down the slide of nearly 92 m, and poured out the water at a very fast speed.
But when there was an exciting voice on the London subway, the tragedy happened.
\"I heard the whistle ringing,\" said the mother of her two daughters and husband Jerry, sitting on the other side of the 46-45-square-meter park.
\"I thought at the time, \'Oh, there may be children messing around.
But within a few minutes, I began to see women looking scared.
A woman took two children for a walk and caught them.
She said someone drowned there.
I\'m a little nervous.
The tragedy took place in the village of Zehnder in last February.
Image Source: Facebook London (left)
Take a selfie video 45 minutes before her sudden heartbeat stops.
Source: Tina soon realized that she had his call and he decided to call Jerry to check if everything was OK.
Then she stood up to find herself and met a terrible sight. “(Jerry)
\"I looked down and there was on the sheets and I knew it was one of my children,\" she recalls . \".
\"This is a terrible thing.
She just showed no sign of the situation.
\"The day before she did the flip in the air.
She added that the attempt to save life in London does not include the use of vibrators, which can be re-developed
Establish a regular heartbeat through the charge.
The young man was taken from Frankfurt.
San Joo Medical Park, based in Saginaw, was then flown to the University of Michigan Children\'s Hospital.
The young man looks healthy but has a hidden heart condition.
Source: she has waited two years for the slide due to her figure.
Source: There, she was sent life support when her upset family prayed for her recovery.
\"My husband and I took turns to stay,\" Tina explained . \".
\"My daughter Eden also wants to go to school.
We try to keep something normal.
\"The doctor told the family in London that she suffered severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen after her first heartbeat stopped at the water park on February 18, 2018.
\"I will go home with her brain damage, but I am glad she made this choice for us,\" the mother added . \".
\"She fought in the hospital for nine days . . . . . . Then she got angel wings.
London, pictured as doing gymnastics, is the source of a brave and lovely little girl: SuppliedLondon died in February 27 and in her special father in March 3 --
The daughter was dressed in a dance dress and thousands of people came to say goodbye.
\"She was buried in the dress,\" said Tina of grand Blanco . \".
\"I didn\'t get a chance to buy shoes.
She looked like an angel in a skirt with no shoes.
She really looks like a sleeping beauty.
She added that her daughter \"just loves everyone\" and in return she was worshipped.
\"She is a team gymnast who loves sports very much and loves her family,\" she said . \".
\"She has always been the focus of attention, the class clown.
\"She always wanted to see everyone happy and she didn\'t want to see anyone sad either.
\"London is with Tina\'s mother, Jerry\'s father and Eden\'s sister.
Source: After her death in London, Tina was trained as a coach of the American Heart Association.
In the name of his daughter, he made a profit from the strong London fund.
The foundation funded the vibrators within the local community to save lives.
These portable devices for the treatment of patients with cardiac arrest can analyze the rhythm of the heart and give an electric shock to help re-
Build effective rhythm.
Tina said this \"proper response\" is needed in this emergency \".
\"You have to respond and you don\'t have time to wait,\" she said . \".
\"I think people are afraid of the vibrators, but they are very easy to use.
They are needed to restore the rhythm.
\"After her daughter died, Tina cried to sleep every night.
Source: in honor of London\'s love for animals, the foundation has also donated money to pet rescue.
Today, without her, families in London are going through a \"continuing nightmare \".
\"You never know when it will happen.
\"You will never think it will happen to you, it is not the club you want to join,\" said Tina . \".
\"Cherish every moment with your family.
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