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abu dhabi afloat: best things to do on water in the uae\'s capital

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
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Abu Dhabi has more than 200 islands, peaceful beaches and almost eternal sunshine, providing plenty of food for water lovers.
Water Park is available for families (
And the chance to play the Mermaid).
Thrill seekers traveling here can tie jet pack boots to their feet, soar at sea, or dive deep for pearls --filled oysters.
\"It\'s a great place to do water sports because the water is usually flat and the weather is a little colder than Dubai,\" said long time Ala Lababidi
Often wake up UAE residents who surf.
\"My personal favorite in Abu Dhabi is kayaking on natural mangroves.
An hour guided tour, \"said Gretta Beckett, a resident of Abu Dhabi.
Adventure traveler Laura Cowling points to the huge water Cable park in Abu Dhabi.
\"There\'s nothing better in the Middle East than that,\" she said . \"\"Even pro-
Take a look at the boarders.
Our country\'s only professional water ski, Omir Saeed, is often here to cheer for the water ski in chubudding.
\"These epic water events take full advantage of the endless sunshine of Abu Dhabi: pretend to be a mermaid at the water park, and visitors can try pearl diving at Yas Water World Park.
Yas Waterworld, with its pearl diving theme and 40 rides, slides and attractions, is easy to understand why families flock to Yas Waterworld water park.
The first water cinema in the area is right here and when the show is over there is a child
Friendly mermaid school
It\'s even possible to drop the longest suspension roller in the Middle East.
On the huge water slide, the roller coaster or race against five other people.
The main 360-wheel wake-up surf the flat waters of the UAE are ideal for wake-up surfing.
The flat waters of Wake wake UAE are ideal for Wake surfing, a sport that includes riding short surfboards behind special wavescreating boat.
Once you have mastered the art of standing up, you can flip, 360 laps or even forever --so-
Peaceful board yoga.
\"For the flattest water, go and wake up the surf at the sunrise of the mangrove trees,\" said Stephanie Muller, Abu Dhabi\'s marketing manager for awakening evolution.
The surrounding promenade is full of restaurants after breakfast.
Sunset Riders can also have a drink on the outdoor terrace of East mangrove Anantara and enjoy the seaside views of the marina.
\"Abu Dhabi\'s protected waterways make the water more flat, which means you won\'t fall down,\" Mullet said . \".
A day trip from Abu Dhabi: a cool oasis of ayingate Pearl on a traditional Davao Abu Dhabi Pearl tour: Date, tea and pearl-
Including the opening ceremony.
Abu Dhabi Pearl tour invites visitors to the traditional Arabian Pearl dhow for morning exercises between the lush mangrove forests of the city.
A local guide tells a long history of pearl diving in the area (
Includes how divers wear heavy objects on their legs and close their noses)
The date, tea and Pearl open demo is then provided.
Anyone who finds the pearl can keep it.
Explore history along Tony\'s scenic routeCaptain on a boat tour: glide through history.
Tony\'s Captain number one. Tony\'s number one.
The History of Abu Dhabi on an hour boat tour provides a taxi ride.
The tour passes through the local heritage of matarsburg, a historic heritage site of more than 200 years, before winding through the mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi.
Flamingo can be seen here.
Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Ride the cable Park Forsan International Resort: From wake-up skating to wake-up boarding.
Al ForsanAt Al Forsan International Sports Resort can wake up ice skating, knee board, mono skiing or water skiing--
But the biggest sport here is water skiing.
This huge cable Park includes a huge overhead cable that pulls passengers to the lake at nearly 24 miles an hour (38 kph)
No boat needed.
The wait time is short as the system can pop up 13 passengers per minute.
For those who enter the advanced waterslide state, a dedicated extreme course is perfect for intense training.
Compete with friends in inflatable classes in Abu Dhabi: Inflatable fun.
AquafunAquaFun, Abu Dhabi\'s first inflatable water park--
Known as the biggest thing in the world ---
Bring the joy of the bouncing castle to the sea. This 84-
There are bridges, ramps, steps and slides in the Piece obstacle course, which challenges visitors to balance and climb the road to success.
Make a mistake, it\'s in the water where you go.
When the fun is done, the \'L Bahar around the marina has about 20 cafes and restaurantsbounce meal.
The world\'s largest falcon hospital, located in Noosa lipiro, near Abu Dhabi, is a great way to discover wildlife.
In order to enjoy the luxury experience, visitors can kayak into the mangrove forests of Abu Dhabi with a guided tour of Anantara Oriental mangrove Hotel and Spa.
The trip included the discovery of foxes, turtles, flamingos and other wildlife
Charming sea snake.
Leave the city center and enjoy the tranquil waters. The flat waters of Ghantoot Marina make it one of the most popular water sports venues in the UAE.
In this scenic spot, you will find more locals than tourists. -
Probably because 40-
Just minutes from Abu Dhabi center.
However, there are a number of companies offering skiing from the jet (
Ideal in flat waters)
Serious wake-up surfing (
Again, great on glass surface)
Ghantoot has a lot to do all day.
Top hotels in Abu Dhabi: Qasr Al Sarab.
The desert is soaring at sea with jet packs on the plane
Boots are not for timid people.
This wild water sport includes bundling on jets --
Then, the push boots burst out of the water.
In theory, visitors can take photos up to 8 metres high.
Reality usually involves more flipping, pinging, and going back to the sea.
Contact Sea View Hotel in Yas Beach to book.
Danae Mercer is a freelance health and travel journalist from Dubai.
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