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add inflatable sports tunnels, inflatable mascots tunnels to your list of fundraising ideas

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-22
Are you tired of doing the same old fundraising project every year? Let\'s see. . . .
Candy, wrapping paper, pizza.
The list continues and they have one thing in common. . . BORING!
Do you need something new to join your fundraising ideas list?
You may want to know what the inflatable sports tunnels, football tunnels and inflatable mascots have to do with a simple fundraising plan.
But the truth is that you will find a great way to raise money and improve team spirit by doing what everyone will like.
Have you ever seen a major league player run to the pitch or the pitch through an inflatable entrance tunnel?
Look forward to watching and waiting. . .
In many cases, you will first see a little fog coming up ahead, and then your favorite team will charge through the tunnel as expected!
These entrance tunnels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are custom designed to match your team colors and graphics. But. . .
How do you make money? It\'s simple.
All tunnels are designed as advertising banners.
Before you buy the tunnel, send a letter to the regional businesses to give them the opportunity to promote their company at the beginning of each game.
You will have enough money to buy your sports tunnel before you know it. . .
You will earn your income year after year without having to do anything.
Students sell ads in yearbook and school newspapers, and most businesses know they only support schools and run ads.
They really don\'t want it to have too much business.
But the inflatable mascot, the football tunnel, and even the most basic tunnel are very different.
It\'s like having a huge billboard in front of a captive audience.
Custom designed items usually start at about $3000.
00, up to $7500.
For more complex projects, around 00. .
If your fundraising budget isn\'t that high, talk to businesses in several regions and see if they\'ll buy it for you in exchange for special ads.
You may post a few announcements in each game, \"our brand new entrance tunnel is achieved by our regional business leaders \".
Basically, they prepare for their ads and you just collect them before and not after.
When you think of the sports entrance tunnel, don\'t just think of the game.
You can use your tunnel in various ways to create publicity for your team and advertisers.
Exhibitions, festivals, large corporate events, community days and trade shows are just a few places where you can place new work.
People will like it.
Let the kids go through the tunnel like a player, or just put a table at the entrance and talk to the customer about your school or product.
Whatever you do, make sure to add inflatable tunnels to your fundraising ideas list this year!
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