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added safety in the saddle

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
Katie Thomas Ogg
23, 2010 spectators gasped, and it is expected that the worst is that Karim floron Lagua sammersa\'s horse crossed the fence at the famous equestrian event in France in last September.
Laghouag took a picture.
Known as the \"spin fall\", this is a frightening oil spill in the Olympic movement.
In the past four years, at least 13 passengers have been killed and several others have been seriously injured.
But soon after his horse jumped up, lagog stood up.
He had a dislocation of his elbow but no fracture.
He attributed his good fortune to an airbag vest, a simple safety innovation that was almost unheard of in the equestrian world until last year and is now a standard issue for the world\'s top riders.
\"I wear it all the time today --
Even when I was training, \"Laghouag, 35, said in French in a recent telephone interview.
Advertising Leaders in the eventa three-
Including stage competitions for dressing up steps, performing jumps and cross-acting
National obstacle course
For a long time, I tried to cross
Part of the country is safer.
They try to enforce stricter rules on riders and build fences to make it easier to separate when they hit.
But the appearance of the airbag vest has sparked the greatest excitement, although some have warned that the technology is too new to be fully accepted.
\"This is definitely the biggest step forward in our sport safety,\" said Oliver townd, who was wearing a vest in April when a British rider was in the top three Kentucky, his horse fell on him --
Daytime activities in Lexington.
Towne broke the tip of his breastbone, four ribs, collarbone and shoulder bone.
But he said he still believed the vest.
\"I was discharged the next day or I would stay in the box or the US for a month,\" Towne said in a recent telephone interview . \".
Inflatable vests have been sold to bikers for about a decade, but few people use them before a British company points out two life jackets. Last year, they began distributing horses in top European competitions.
A Japanese company says it has been selling motorcycle vests since 1999.
They all rely on similar technologies. The two-
The pound vest is connected by a rope to the rider\'s saddle and worn by high-density foam.
When the rider falls off the horse, the rope is pulled down, pierced the carbon dioxide box and inflated the vest.
After replacing the cartridge, the vest can be reused.
The second point is that its vest is in one.
A tenth of seconds;
Hit Air says its average rate is 1-
Second quarter.
Although the cost is relatively high
From $390 to $700
The vest sells very well.
According to the company, about 6,000 athletes are now wearing a Point 2 vest, and Hit Air says it has sold about 10,000 equestrian vests worldwide.
The second-Point director, Lee Middleton, said his products were worn by the top 40 American riders, including several national teams in the United States, the world equestrian event will be held in Kentucky next month to provide airbag vests for their riders.
He offered free vests to riders like Townsend and lagog who were not paid to be spokesmen.
\"Advertising like this, which can minimize the impact of injuries when falling, will be great,\" said David O\'Connor . \", President of the American Equestrian Federation, Olympic gold medalist.
Until recently, he was the head of the International Federation\'s security subcommittee.
\"I think they have proved themselves --
Of course, the person who fell with them-
They swear to them.
The memorable rider, Doug Payne, sponsored by Hit Air, said he fell four times in his vest.
\"It\'s an interesting thing,\" he said . \"
\"Everything slows down when you fall.
You do notice a popular sound that is the jar.
Next you will realize that this is a much softer landing than you think.
\"Vests have become so common on race tracks that it has become a common courtesy to warn other riders to untie the ropes before dismantling.
\"Everyone said when you arrived, \'Ur vest! Your vest!
Said lagog.
It is inevitable that some people will forget
\"It\'s always a source of entertainment,\" O\'Connor said . \".
\"You heard a pop music and someone looked like marshmallow.
\"Giuseppe delchiesa, chairman of the eventing Committee, the governing body for international equestrian sports, is called F. E. I.
The group says they recommend using vests, but do not need them because there is very little safety data.
Della Chiesa wrote in an email: \"This is a step forward as it introduces mature technologies that are different from other industrial sectorsmail.
The technology is passive, he added.
This is to limit the injury of the accident, not to prevent it, he said, which is at the heart of the campaign\'s safety mission.
The two jackets were independently tested by the UK non-profit organization Transport Research Laboratory, which found that when the airbag is worn on a protective vest, it can improve spine protection by 69%.
The lab found that the airbag vest also reduced the risk of rib fracture and potential organ damage by 20%.
Zhu neijian, president of Mugen Denko, who produced hit air vests, said
He tested at the Japan Automotive Institute, a non-profit organization.
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In the motorcycle race, you should still use the airbag technology carefully.
Racing driver Valentino Rossi, like other top competitors, has been testing inflatable jackets.
Peter tehost, spokesman for the American Motorcycle Association, said the ad \"I will describe it as an emerging technology . \".
He pointed out that the speed of motorcycle accidents was much higher.
Under different conditions
Worse than a typical equestrian event.
\"The best thing I think I can tell you is that it\'s something we keep an eye on,\" he said . \".
Middleton at the second point said that he also talked to the mountain bike and all the delegates about the vest. terrain-
Automobile industry.
In addition to worrying about the cost, some equestrian riders also expressed concern that the loud pop concert produced when the vest was activated scared the horse.
Others reported feeling restricted after falling and were worried that wearing an inflatable vest would roll to a safe place.
Some raised questions about the effectiveness of the vest in spinning waterfalls similar to Laghouag and Townend, where the rider and the horse rummaged and often did not separate from the horse until the last minute.
According to statistics saved by F. E. I.
In international competitions from 2004 to 2009, about 25% of the riders involved in the skating race were killed or seriously injured.
Amateur athlete Reed Ayers, with a doctorate in engineering, said he was skeptical about the benefits of vests.
He said he had heard of several riders whose vests were not inflated in the waterfall.
\"These vests can absorb some influence,\" Ayers said . \" He recently conducted a safety study for the American incident Association to check the speed of the horse.
But, he added: \"There\'s always a chance that it doesn\'t work when you rely on mechanical design.
That\'s why you can\'t rely on these vests as the only protective part.
But Laghouag and Townend see vests as lifeguards, and Middleton says they don\'t do damage even if they\'re not inflated.
The ad, he said, \"You have to remember in any case that they have got something under them . \" He was referring to a stiff protective vest.
\"This is an extra reward.
\"A version of this article was printed on page B10 of The New York edition on August 24, 2010 with the title: increase the safety of the saddle.
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