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adventure bay changes rules and prices to combat sagging attendance

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
Windsor Adventure Bay made several changes to prices and policies on Friday to get customers back and increase the low attendance rate.
This is the first time since Windsor City water park opened three years ago that adults who are not interested in getting wet do not have to pay a full admission fee.
Windsor Park, Limington recording center, it is difficult to attract visitorsAdventure Bay to think that the increase in personal theft this summerManager Knight said that the land lover\'s full monthly fee is $ p after $ day and month. m.
\"We got a lot of feedback from our guests and people usually like to sit down and read, or just enjoy the setting of the water park,\" she explains . \".
\"But it\'s a bit of a cost to pay the full entrance fee, which is the practice in the past
Pricing, of course, is often a concern.
\"Under the new rules, adults will be able to bring more children into the park and comply with the 10 and 11-year-oldsyear-
The Knight added that the elderly who can be reached at any time are relaxing.
\"We have a lot of families joining us, and they may have a lot of children, and in the past, our admission requirements were a little more stringent than we thought,\" she said.
\"If everyone is playing water in the shallow water, let everyone be on the side --by-
It is not necessary to be with your parents, and it is not fun.
\"Adventure BayThe water park will also offer short-term alcohol sales
Term membership for monthly break and summer vacation.
The number of paid customers in Adventure Bay dropped 43 age points from the first year of operation to the third year.
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