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Advertising Secrets I Learned From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
I was just sitting in front of my computer as usual when my husband came in and announced, \"Is there someone here to see you?What?I didn\'t expect anyone.“Who is it?I asked.\"Someone who wants to talk to my wife.?My husband is at home so I know I\'m safe.I took a chance to see who it was.I quickly met a smiley face on my porch and he gave me a box of free laundry detergent.
This nice looking young man told me he was nearby and wanted to give me this free gift.My first thought was, \"Oh, yeah?What kind of promotion??He walked up to his truck and turned around and asked if I had time.\"Yes, is it here?I thought.I said I was a little busy and asked him what he wanted.
When he said, \"I want to make your life easier.?(Secret #1 ?Give your customers something absolutely free.It makes them grateful and brings a feeling of goodwill.
Sample or test?anything free.
He started pulling boxes after boxes from behind his SUV.When he approached my door and packed his luggage for the bear, he asked me if I would allow him to vacuum and clean my carpet?Of course it\'s free.At first, I was going to get him cold.I am not in the mood to buy a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner.
But I was wondering if I could learn something from a representative of one of the most successful vacuum cleaner companies in the US.I decided to give in and allow the demo, hoping to collect some \"secrets \"?I can use it in copywriting.When he entered the living room, he began to set the vacuum.
The next step is small talk.
Allergies and how much time I spent cleaning the house.(Secret #2 ?Get to know your customers.By collecting this information, the salesperson mentally adjusted his \"promotion?to suit me.He is taking notes, including content that is personally attractive to me in his statement, and excluding those that are not.
Next up, the Kirby (I\'ll call Roger) starts asking me some questions and I obviously have to say \"is that right ?\"?to.It\'s reminiscent of Dale Carnegie\'s style.Roger asked, \"Do you want to clean up in less time and work better??He asked, \"Do you want to know that allergens and dirt on your upholstery and carpet have been removed??Finally, he asked, \"Do you want your new carpet to grow twice as long??Needless-to-The answer to these three questions is \"yes?(Secret #3 ?Let them develop the habit of saying \"yes?Dale Carnegie points this out in his book How to win friends and influence others.
If you get someone used to saying yes \"?When it comes to other issues, they are more likely to agree with you (like, \"Are you ready to buy a new vacuum?Roger asked me to take my old vacuum from the closet.I did.He asked me to bring him a box of salt.(Yes, I saw it coming, but I did it anyway.He began to pour salt on my carpet.Then (as expected) he ground it in with his feet.
He took my old vacuum cleaner and asked me to tell him when I thought it sucked out all the salt.The vacuum is coming, the challenge is starting!After about 15 passes, I instructed Roger to stop.He did.Then he drove the card behind him?Limited edition.
He opened the latch of the bag and put a thin black cushion on it.Next, did he turn on \"on-board transfer \"?Put the vacuum into the \"drive?Started the first part of his demonstration.After only six times, he stopped Kirby, opened the latch of the bag and pulled out the black mat.
It\'s all salt!It is also covered with dirt, sand, lint and hair.Very disgusting, not to mention awkward!(Secret #4 ?Prove your point.It doesn\'t make any sense to just tell someone that your product or service is valid.
You must prove that you can and will do what you say.If you can\'t provide an online demo;Proof of use, provide reference materials described before and after the results.Or give a free trial period so customers can check it out on their own.
\"I know you\'re busy, madam, but I just wanted to show it to you.I will clean up your living room now?said Roger.I know Roger and I are not finished yet, but I go back to my computer like a small prospect and have him do his job.
About 10 minutes later, Roger asked where our trash can was.I walked around the corner to see what needed to be thrown away and was immediately frightened!He used these little pads while cleaning the whole room with a vacuum cleaner!My living room is full of disks covered with hair, lint, fiber, dust, sand, who knows what else.Creepy fearThings in my family began to rise in my heart.
Are all this rubbish on my carpet?How disgusting!My house is not as clean as I thought.\"I\'m sorry for the confusion, madam, but we only allow the use of these demo pads to vacuum.I will throw them away if you take me to your trash can.
?(Secret #5 ?Emotional games.
Roger put all the little Demo boards in the room and cleverly told me that my house was not very clean.He reminded me of our initial conversation about allergens and made my house cleaner in less time.It\'s also working.I started thinking about all the mess in my carpets, curtains, carpets and upholstery.
\"Can I wash these stains off for you?It\'s a cry from the living room.\"Of course, can you continue?I replied.Roger continues to work as much as I do.A few minutes later he asked me if I could still see the stain.They weren’t!I tried to wash the stain off before, but I was unlucky.
“Good?Roger smiled.
\"I\'ll help you clean the rest now?I kept banging on my keyboard until I heard the spin sound of the motor stopping.Roger reached the peak around the corner and told me it would take about an hour for the carpet to get dry and go.\"Would you mind if I put my gear here??I agreed.
When he installed the hose and accessories, he began to explain the extreme versatility of Kirby G6?Limited edition.The package he carried with him that day came with a basic vacuum that provided \"on-board transfer \"?So the motor will not wear out.It also allows the vacuum to push more easily.
It provides the ability to blow and pull.
As Roger explained, is this useful for blowing up pool toys or filling balloons?Used for inflatable mattresses, etc.So they will lie completely flat for storage.Will the carpet cleaner accessories be available?Okay, you see.
(Secret #6 ?Focus on advantages, not features.We \'ve heard the phrase before, but most people don\'t say that.I don\'t care if there is a vacuum in the world for \"on-board transfer?Because I don\'t know what it is or what it helps me.
I have explained, however, that I like the vacuum concept of \"self-drive?Finally, after a thorough understanding of the ease of vacuum operation, how much of my house is cleaned with less energy, and how many features the vacuum/carpet cleaner has?We talked about the price.Needless-to-For example, I look forward to paying, arming, and legs for the reputation of Ikobi.Roger, however, simply said, \"All of this can be yours for just $3.
00 per day?It doesn\'t sound so bad.
\"How many days?Asked my cynical self.
Roger laughed and took out his pricing sheet.Answer your question from the beginning of the article?Yes, I bought a vacuum cleaner.(Secret #7 ?Leave the price to the endLet them like your product or service, and then?if possible ?Divide the price into as small increments as possible.
Does this save potential customers from \"sticker impact \"?Make the goods look more affordable.Is it worth it?Yes and yes.It\'s worth taking my time to find out how one of the most successful vacuum cleaner companies in the United States is selling magic;And the price of this vacuum cleaner is worth it.I learned a lot from the Kirby vacuum cleaner and my house looks great!.
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