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after spate of injuries, action park told to close water slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Shells landed at Action Park, the state\'s most-reported water slide, closed last month after state officials learned that the number of injuries had surged during the ride, according to the Ministry of Community Affairs.
According to Emike Omogbai, a spokesman for the Ministry of Community Affairs, six people have been injured in riding this season, five of whom have suffered shoulder injuries.
A few weeks before the end of the Park season, the ride was over. 7.
Related: Action Park, which received the infamous nickname \"Traction Park\" for a massive injury of 1980 and 1990 seconds, as the Park with the largest number of injuries to the New Jersey amusement Park, continues to top the list.
Shell fall--
A closed water slide, ending with a drop of 10 feet-
Ranked among the most injured rides reported in parks and states.
Wayne Cooper of Thomas River told senior Media in New Jersey that he suffered shoulder injuries during a visit in August. 8.
Cooper said he was told the injury required surgery, but when he contacted company Mountain Creek, which runs Action Park, he claimed that he was basically told \"to hike \".
\"Others are still suffering the same damage by coincidence, isn\'t that telling you anything,\" he said ? \".
\"Then the country closed the journey because of this, isn\'t this a further affirmation that you have a problem ? \" The information sent to Shanxi on Friday was not returned.
MORE: DCA spokesman Omogbai said 27 people were injured in the Action Park this season, but the DCA did not close other rides.
Last year, 25 people were injured in the park.
The number of injuries reported by the water park decreased from the peak in 2012, when 70 were reported to have been injured.
State law requires the owner or operator to report any incident resulting in a \"ride\" within 24 hours
Related injuries requiring first aid, or any mechanical failure, or emergency evacuation.
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