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airlie aqua park operator threatens to leave whitsundays if airlie creek site approval fails

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
The operator of Airlie Water Park says he may be forced to move the attraction out of Whitsunday Park in north Queensland.
After owners in the Boathaven area argued that the attraction should accept a development application, Airlie water park has been the subject of a legal struggle.
Jason Ford will stop trading in the Boathaven area this Saturday, but hopes to reopen the inflatable water park near Ellie Creek in the coming months.
\"I am happy to meet you no matter what the process is, because I am happy to meet the process I outlined before the opening of this place,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t want anyone to give me any help, you know.
\"It is certainly a great help to have the taxpayer association work on my behalf, but regardless of the process, I am happy to meet all the requirements.
He said he would take the attraction to the central coast of New South Wales if he could not get approval.
Ford said he was relieved that the ongoing legal action had been withdrawn.
\"I signed a stat on December, saying that I will not operate from the end of the transaction on October 31, and I will not re-apply to operate from this place,\" he said . \".
\"Therefore, according to the statistics of December, the landowner agreed to revoke all legal proceedings against the proviso of my packing.
\"So the next question is, when can I reopen?
\"I hope it\'s a little earlier, not a little later.
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