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\'alarming increase\' in bouncy castle injuries

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Researchers studying hospital statistics found
Since 1995, wounds including fractures, head injuries and wounds have doubled.
Fractures, strain and sprains are considered the most common injuries, and one out of every five injured children reports head or neck damage.
2010 found that a child visited the emergency department of the American Hospital every 45 minutes, and experts called for a national guide.
The latest advice from the youth organization Boys Brigade quoted statistics showing that about 10,000 people are injured in the UK each year.
The company claims that 4,000 of them were caused by playing inflatable toys in private homes, while the rest were in public activities.
7-year-old boy Jeremy DALER\'s Stonehenge inflatable castle came to London and was seriously injured in a boat propeller accident in the Isle of Wight in the \"inflatable castle wind Gusta\" boy. \"Most of the injuries were caused by children jumping out of inflatable toys and falling to the ground, and instructions from the charity:\" hit by other children, or just fell awkwardly . \".
\"Researchers published in the journal Pediatrics are now calling for safety guidelines as they find 43-out of all resilient castles-
Falling can cause related injuries.
Other painful accidents are caused by children trying to perform spectacular stunts or collide with each other.
Dr. Gary Smith of the National Children\'s Hospital in the United States said: \"The results of this study show that the number of injured inflatable bodyguards has increased dramatically.
\"It\'s time for us to take action to prevent these injuries.
\"Ensuring parents are aware of potential risks, improving the monitoring of injuries, developing national safety guidelines, and improving the design of bodyguards is the first step.
\"The medical and public health departments have not yet advised on the safe use of inflatable bodyguards.
\"The increasing popularity of inflatable bouncers injuries suggests that it is time to do so.
\"On 2011, three children in North Yorkshire were thrown 30 feet in the air at a family baptism party, and they were seriously injured after the wind blew an inflatable castle.
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