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aldi’s new garden range includes space hoppers and water slides

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
ALDI will launch an outdoor entertainment series this week-
Space hopper and water slide included.
Starting tomorrow, the new production line will be sold in stores and online at a price of 79 p.
Highlights include £ 12.
99 water slide with two lanes and two inflatable surf riders, which allows your child to zoom forward to the finish line while the water spray stays cool, or play against each other.
The water slide is 488 long and 140 cm wide. The maximum user weight is 100 kg.
It\'s a good deal considering that similar projects will put you back 20 on Amazon.
Aldi also sells a wide range of space hoppers for £ 3, including popular characters such as PAW Patrol, Disney Princess, car 3 and trolls. 99 each.
Comparing similar items offered by Argos, patrolling dogs with claws will cost you £ 10. 99 -
The price is more than double the original
The supermarket also includes a cheap 10ft-dip pool for £ 29. 99.
Its capacity is about 3.
8 liters, three-year warranty.
It may seem expensive but on Amazon the same product will set you back £ 51
So it\'s an amazing deal.
To protect your little one from the sun, there is also a shaded baby pool with a capacity of 26 liters per pool and lovely design.
They are less than 5 per person.
Children\'s favorite Peppa Pig, spider bubble wand-
Man or Pj Masks are the cheapest products in the 70 p range, including bubble solutions.
1 more.
Play 99 goals, 12.
99 sets of cro balls and two different garden tentscosting £12. 99.
This is a special purchase as usual, so we recommend you get the best deal as soon as possible.
There are still some great options if your budget is under £ 10.
Check our turn
The best pool in DA, B & M, Sainsbury\'s, Tesco and Argos.
If you already want to snap up school uniforms, Lidl will offer the cheapest school uniform for £ 4. 50.
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