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alton water: ultrasonic technology may reduce algae

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
New technologies can be introduced to reopen a water park filled with inflatable toys at Suffolk reservoir.
Alton Water Park near Ipswich was closed on Friday for fear of blue --
There are green algae in the water.
Ultrasonic technology may now be used to help reduce the level of algae, which is considered to have \"blossomed\" due to recent warm weather \".
Allianz water tests water twice a day, but the park, which opens in July 7, may be closed for several weeks. Blue-
Toxins released by green algae can cause skin irritation and disease
But they need sunshine to survive.
Ultrasonic technology works by killing algae and destroying the ability of algae to float, which means they sink into the water and die.
Emma Staples, from Allianz water, said the water park was \"very positive\" by investing in ultrasound technology \".
She added: \"It\'s quite exploratory work, so we obviously want to make sure it does what we need it to do before we reopen the water.
\"The main thing about normal work is the rest of the weather, but it\'s clear that we don\'t anticipate this at the moment, so we\'re looking at what else we can do.
\"As a temporary precaution, the water park at the end of the reservoir Stutton has been closed to the public.
MS Staples added: \"We know that people are looking forward to spending the day in Alton and we do want to make sure they get into the water as soon as possible, but our priority is to make sure people are safe.
\"The Alton Water sports facility and the water park with 72 inflatable devices, slides and obstacles are still closed.
The managers apologized to those who wanted to come to the park and said they could re-
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