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an inflatable slide is a huge hit for indiana parties

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-26
It\'s fun to plan an activity.
But there is always pressure to try to find the appeal that everyone will like.
One item that is always popular is the inflatable slide.
You\'ll find inflatable slides in the fun of most Indiana company picnics, Post proms and other features.
But do you know that you can also buy a slide for a family party?
While inflatable slides have been around for some time, there have been more unique slides in the market over the past few years.
You can get the size slides for everyone. A giant slide (around 22\')
Great for 12 to adult.
If you\'re looking for something for young kids, you might want to stick to a backyard slide that\'s about 14\' high.
Remember the 70 where slip n slides are so popular?
Well, now you can get a more interesting inflatable slide.
They have it on both the bike and the two lanes, so you can even play with friends if you want.
But there is a safety ramp at the end of the new slip n slide to slow down the slides, so they are much easier on your body than the old version.
If you like traditional slides but still want water, you can rent an inflatable slide.
With the sprinkler sticking out to the top, this slide is great for hot summer.
When renting an inflatable slide or any other inflatable game, you only need to remember a few things: 1)
The unit must be fixed at any time 2)
Only adult attendants who understand all safety requirements can operate the device
A dedicated 20 am p circuit is required for each blower (
Only one is needed for most units).
This socket needs to be within 50 feet. 4)
If you use a water slide, you need a water connection and hose within a reasonable distance. 5)
Participants should always follow safety instructions and should sit on their feet first when sliding down the traditional slide.
If you follow simple guidelines, you can have a safe, fun attraction that everyone will enjoy.
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