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360-level chief justice William renquest in hospital;
New threat from al Qaeda
Two weeks and four weeks later.
Family and Summer Safety;
The Clinton Foundation aired on August 4, 2005
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Heidi Collins, cnn anchor: Good evening, everyone.
This is a message of terrorism to the people of London and the United States.
It\'s 7:00 p. m.
4: 00 on the East Coast. m. in the West.
360 starts now. (Start Video)COLLINS (voice-over)
The lieutenant of Osama bin Laden came out to praise the London bombings and new threats.
Tonight, the connection between London and the most popular people in the world.
Inflatable pool. Kids love it.
But the real danger of drowning.
What can you do tonight to prevent death in the backyard.
Exclusive interviews. 360 M. D. Dr.
Sanjay Gupta spoke with former President Bill Clinton about his fight against his weight and the new campaign to help American children fight obesity and diabetes. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Announcer: I\'m Anderson Cooper 360, live at the CNN broadcasting center in New York.
Hi everyone.
I\'m Heidi Collins for Anderson tonight.
We started with a development story in Washington.
Supreme Court Chief Justice William Renquist is at the hospital tonight.
CNN\'s Catherine Koch joined us from Washington. -Kathleen.
Catherine Koch, cnn correspondent: Heidi, Chief Justice, worked in court earlier today, but then he was apparently sick.
This is the second time in three weeks due to fever.
That\'s July 12, 80-year-
The old judge was taken to the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington by ambulance for a fever.
So far, most people know that Renquist has been fighting thyroid cancer since October.
As part of the treatment, he underwent a tracheal incision.
He then left the bench for about five months and was treated with radiation and chemotherapy.
When he was last hospitalized, the doctor told us that it was not uncommon for cancer patients to be hospitalized when they had a fever because they were just preventive measures.
Now, the Supreme Court spokesman just said today that the Chief Justice is currently being sent to the same hospital for assessment.
\"The court has been very nervous --
People have been silent about the health of renquest.
Similarly, we expect that hospital officials will post any information about the condition of Renquist as they did last time.
It is clear that you will remember that after his last visit to the hospital, Chief Justice Renquist quashed the very common rumors that he would resign.
He says he intends to continue to perform his duties, Heidi, as long as his health conditions permit.
Yes, he did.
We remember very well. All right. Kathleen Koch.
Thank you very much.
KOCH: You bet.
Collins: The other stories we\'re going to tell tonight.
Here are the questions we want to see.
Are the terrorists planning another attack in London?
Why did the lieutenant of Osama bin Laden send out a new threat today?
Safe Summer.
Will the inflatable pool endanger the child\'s life?
We\'re starting tonight with a new right-wing warning from Osama bin Laden. hand man.
Ayman al-in a video message
Zawahiri has promised more bloodshed in London.
He also said Americans would face more terror if the United States did not act. S.
Will not withdraw troops from Iraq.
Matthew Qian, CNN Senior International Correspondent(Start Video)AYMAN AL-
Al-Qaida Zawahiri (
By translation)
For the British, I tell you that Blair has brought you destruction in central London.
There will be more than God wants.
Matthew cash, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
: Information from al-Qaida leaders. Ayman al-
Mr. Zawahiri accused the British prime minister and threatened more strikes.
He has a rifle around him. AL-
Zawahiri: Sheikh Osama tells you not to dream of peace until all the pagan forces withdraw from Mohammed\'s land before we make peace a real life in Palestine.
On the contrary, you have blood flowing on our land, and we have lit an angry volcano on your land.
Opportunity: they are often repeated grievances by al-Qaida.
Experts say the deadly attack in London on July 7 or the explosion two weeks later was ordered directly. PROF.
Michael Clark, King College London: I think the importance of this statement is that al-Qaida wants to be honored for what is happening in London.
I suspect they don\'t know much about it, and of course they don\'t know the time and nature of the attack.
But after it happened, they wanted us all to believe that it was part of a coherent and proper campaign they had against Western countries.
Opportunity: analysts believe that al-Qaida leaders are restricted to hiding in mountainous areas along Afghanistan\'s border with Pakistan, so al-Qaida has become a less structured organization, more
The latest information, like this, is clearly posted outside with woven cloth, becoming an important tool to attract recruits and intimidate the West.
Paul eedle, a terrorist analyst: he tried to stir up more fear and worry in London-
Of course he is.
Here is a very clear strategy that has been in operation for almost 10 years, which is to try to break the will of Western countries to project power to the Middle East.
Opportunity: The latest al-Qaida broadcast was apparently intended to intimidate the British capital as it was tense and secure. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Opportunity: Heidi, Iman al-
Zawahiri linked the London bomb attack to the presence of British troops in Iraq.
The prime minister\'s office declined to comment on the matter tonight at Downing Street.
But on the record, in the past, Tony Blair, the British prime minister, had strongly opposed any suggestion that the two were linked together, the attacks in London and the presence of British troops in Iraq.
He said the root causes of terrorism are far more than that.
Collins: Matthew cash.
Thank you very much for the latest news.
CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen is joining us now to learn more about the latest threat from al Qaeda.
He will join us from Washington DC. C. , tonight.
Peter, why do you think Zawahiri chose to issue the tape now?
Peter Bergen, CNN terrorism analyst: I think it\'s predictable.
I mean Osama bin Laden or Iman al.
After these events in London, Zawahiri will release a tape.
In the past, we have seen Osama bin Laden come out with a video tape after the Indonesian attack.
They want to be honored.
As far as I know, this is the 13 tapes we got from Ayman al. Zawahiri.
We received 18 tapes from Osama bin Laden, with tapes and video tapes.
So between them, the two top leaders of al-Qaida have issued 30 statements since 9/11.
It was a bit surprising for me that we were unable to trace the chain of custody of these tapes and video tapes.
It is foreseeable that al-Qaida leaders will want to join
Terrorist attacks in London
It is foreseeable that the tape will be delivered to Al-Jazeera.
However, for some reason it seems that we can\'t lock these innings or get Al-
Al Jazeera is able to track the chain of custody, which seems to be the only guaranteed way you can find these people.
Collins: In the recording, Zawahiri warned the United States: \"Stop stealing our oil and wealth and stop supporting corrupt rulers.
If you continue to oppose Muslim politics, you will see, God bless, you will forget the horror of Vietnam.
\"Why mention Vietnam?
I think this is a way of ventilation.
I mean, it\'s totally ridiculous that Al Qaeda can achieve something like Vietnam in the United States.
They can certainly do it, you know, the Madrid attacks we saw last year, or the ones that inspired the attacks as we saw in London.
But the concept of Vietnam
Like the event is ridiculous.
Collins: As you mentioned, starting at 9/11, more than 30 tapes have been released by Osama bin Laden or Zawahiri.
But we haven\'t heard from bin Laden this year.
The last three tapes came from Zawahiri.
Why do you think Zawahiri is more prominent in all this?
I think it\'s just a loop.
I mean, we haven\'t heard from Osama bin Laden in the post for nearly a year. 9/11 period.
As mentioned earlier, we have received 18 tapes from bin Laden, with tapes and video tapes.
So we didn\'t hear from him, which doesn\'t mean anything.
Does this mean he is not in good health?
I don\'t think so.
We did hear from him just before America. S.
Elections in last November
He looks good in my opinion.
If you remember, he made a sad imitation of the address in the Oval Office behind his desk, speaking directly to the American people.
So I don\'t think it\'s, you know, Ayman al-
Not Osama.
Collins: What is the most important part of the latest information you see?
I think he is talking about a truce with European countries.
You know, you didn\'t accept bin Laden\'s offer of a truce.
You will have more of these attacks.
I think people will-
Supporters of al-Qaida in Europe responded.
They may not have ordered an attack directly in London, but I think it does lead to violence because bin Laden provided some sort of truce that European countries did not take.
We saw it in Madrid.
I think we saw it in London.
We may see it again in the rest of Europe.
Collins: Okay.
Peter Bergen tonight.
Thank you, Peter.
Bergen: Thank you.
Just four weeks ago, four suicide bombers attacked London\'s transportation system, killing 52 people.
Just two weeks ago, there was another explosion in London.
A number of people have been arrested, but the number of commuters still feel anxious and want to know if the next trip will be their last.
Nic Robertson, CNN\'s Senior International Correspondent, reports. (Start Video)
Nick Robertson, CNN senior correspondent
International journalists (voice-over)
: As London is on high alert, British police are now pretty sure about a key question: Is there a link between the two attacks?
The similarities are very clear: four bombs, three on the train and one on the bus.
All in the backpack.
It\'s possible to connect the hottest leads of two terrorist groups, two sets of homemade bombs.
A group of people were found in bombers in July 7 and a car left behind in the failed attack in July 21.
CNN has now learned from investigators that they believe there is no direct link between the two London attacks, at least not yet.
Not between the bomb and two cells.
Unidentified male: If two completely independent groups of young people become radical in the way they are prepared to use this violence, I can\'t see why there shouldn\'t be three, four, five, six
Robertson: there is still a long way to go to answer another very important question: will there be more attacks?
Unidentified male: This could happen again, of course.
London is on high alert.
Robertson: In fact, the progress of the police in the first terrorist organization is limited.
People linked to the first attack are still in police custody.
Only suspected bomber Hamdi Isak, who was captured in Rome on July 21, gave any clues.
He told his defense lawyer that he was angry at watching videos of the fighting in Iraq.
Even if it\'s true, it\'s hard to know.
He has lived in Britain for many years by forging documents.
Issac\'s clues to escape from Rome are expected to appear as the first person in the United StatesK.
It has been charged with the attack. Twenty-three-year-
Old Ismail Abdul Rahman (ph)
Confidently took to court, kissed a relative, and vowed to challenge the allegations that he knew about Isaac and his plans to flee the UK.
He was detained for more charges.
There may be more questions. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Robertson: In the last few hours we have just heard from the police that there will be two other women ---
Two women were charged with the same charges on Friday.
This is basically preventing the police from providing information.
By the way, one of the women seems to be the partner of Hamdi Issac, who is now being held in Rome by the police there ---Heidi.
Nick Robertson.
Nic, thank you.
On 360, do you know anything about the aircraft evacuation procedure?
Passengers on a French airliner that crashed in Toronto last Tuesday knew what they were doing.
But more often than not, things are out of order and the consequences are unimaginable.
Hungry on the plains of Niger.
Millions are at risk of hunger.
The children are the most vulnerable.
Former President Clinton is helping children in the country.
See how he supports the fight against childhood obesity. (
Business break)
Collins: Erica Hill of headlines is now sharing some of the headlines tonight with us.
Hi, Erica.
Erica Hill, CNN headline anchor: Hi Heidi.
A Maryland man was arrested for supporting terrorist groups.
Now, federal prosecutors have charged Mahmoud Farouq Brent in court records (ph)
Plotting to help a Pakistani.
From 2001 to the 5 th of this year, the headquarters is based in terrorist organizations.
They also said he attended a training camp run by the organization.
Meanwhile, in northern Israel, an Israeli soldier opened fire on a bus, killing four Israeli Arabs and seriously injuring five others.
Israeli media reported that the gunman had been killed by angry thugs, but police did not confirm it.
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon condemned the attack, calling the soldier a Jewish terrorist.
According to Israeli television, the soldier left his job two months ago because he did not want to participate in the withdrawal of Jewish settlements.
Back in the country, in New York City, two former police detectives were charged with being beaten up for the mafia 20 years ago-
You may remember the story. -
Now, they are both charged with another murder and are now accused of kidnapping and killing a jewelry merchant in 1986.
The victim\'s body was found in Brooklyn earlier this year. The ex-
As early as April, the police admitted the previous charges.
A car accident was recorded near Bangkok, Thailand.
When police tried to arrest the motorcycle thieves, a drunk driver hit them.
Five people were injured.
Some of them are serious.
Police tried to arrest the driver suspected of being drunk, but he was repeatedly beaten by angry thugs.
A scene there. -Heidi.
I think they ended up having to help the drunk driver keep him away from the mob.
HILL: Yes.
Collins: Okay.
Thank you, Erica.
We will see you in about 30 minutes.
Look at the World in 360, and more food is on the way to Niger, where people are starving with blatant fear.
Anderson Cooper reported earlier this week in Niger about the human tragedy there and the plight of young children affected by malnutrition. (Start Video)
Anderson Cooper, CNN correspondentvoice-over)
Outside a few beds, we found Aminu Yahia (ph)
Looked after by his mother.
Man: Hello?
How are you? Huh?
How are you?
Oh, move your head a little.
Move your head. Oh, OK. OK. OK. Shh.
So he had edema everywhere. COOPER (on camera): Edema is?
Unidentified man: water in the organization.
Water everywhere.
Water in the organization.
There is water around the eyes.
Their skin is peeling (ph). Disclomates (ph). . .
Cooper: Disclomates (ph)means?
Unidentified male: get off the bus.
It falls off because of zinc deficiency.
Cooper: So his skin is really peeling?
Unidentified male: got here--
Normal again.
It gets better.
But there are some places that haven\'t been fully completed yet.
Unfortunately, he had some pressure sore because he had been ill for so long.
But he will be fine soon.
We will save him.
If he could hold on for another day or two. .
Cooper: That\'s a question. can he hold on for a day or two?
Unidentified male: Well, yes, of course. He can get --
An hour later, he could die if he had too many bacteria in his blood.
What life? What a life. COOPER (voice-over)
: If children in this intensive care unit can drink milk formula, there is a good chance they will live. (on camera)
He is drinking now.
Unidentified male: he will drink the whole thing.
Bravo, bambino. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.
Bambini, bravo. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Collins: life is very fragile.
The next day, when Anderson returned to the hospital in Niger, he found that malnutrition had too much impact on the little boy. He had died.
Tomorrow night, 7: 00 eastern time, Issue 360 special on the hunger crisis in Niger: \"go hungry in front of your eyes.
\"Tonight on the 360 th, another update on the stay of Chief Justice William renquest.
We will also tell you how to fight fat.
After Heart Surgery, former President Bill Clinton talked frankly about his fight against weight.
There was also a plane crash.
What happens when the security program fails?
After a while, you can see them all over the place this summer: inflatable pool.
Children like them, but will their lives be in danger? (
Business break)
Collins: on Tuesday\'s flight 309 in Toronto, saving the lives of all 358 people is not just a miracle.
They survived because evacuation procedures played their due role to a large extent.
Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
Catherine Koch, CNN correspondent, reports. (Start Video)KOCH (voice-over)
: On October 31, 2000, a flight from Singapore Airlines hit a building barrier at Taipei airport.
Unidentified man: flames are everywhere, smoke is everywhere.
Koch: business passengers on Flight 747 arrived at the exit, but no valid emergency supply was found.
Cai Feng Lumo, survivors of the accident: One last thing ---
A slide.
Once I decided to go that way, I had to hang up and jump about 30 feet.
Cai Feng Lumo was injured but 81 people were killed.
At least one slide also failed in 2002 at the Kennedy International Airport in Detroit on 2001.
1998 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Manchester, United Kingdom.
In Guatemala City, 1993.
Of the 46 accidents studied by NTSB, 46 were for on-site evacuation.
National Transportation Security Council mark rosenker: in one-
The third slide does not work at least.
This is unacceptable.
Koch: Another problem is that it is difficult for passengers to open the exit on the wing.
Unidentified woman: passenger sitting on top
The wing does have difficulties, or excessive problems.
Wing exits, otherwise they won\'t, and once they remove the hatch from the fuselage of the aircraft, they end up leaving the hatch on the floor next to the exit, which eventually causes things to slow down.
Koch: others found that there was a problem with pilots and flight attendants in communicating and knowing when to evacuate the plane.
Unidentified men: Sometimes we encounter situations where passengers have actually started to evacuate.
So no one-
None of the crew was prepared for it.
Koch: As you can see from this amazing actual evacuation video. . .
Man: Go! Leave!
Leave the plane! KOCH: . . .
The NTSB found that there were too many passengers trying to leave with their carry-on luggage --
On the luggage, it is important not to know every second.
Man: Move it! Get out!
Unidentified male: If the system does not work completely and people do not cooperate fully, this is the root cause of the disaster. KOCH (on camera)
: The government wants more regular inspections to ensure that emergency slides are valid.
Flight attendants want more authentic evacuation training.
Unidentified man: leave the plane! KOCH (voice-over)
: Everyone wants passengers to listen and act as if their lives depend on it.
Catherine Koch, CNN correspondent(END VIDEOTAPE)(Start Video)COLLINS (voice-over)
Children like the inflatable swimming pool.
But the real danger of drowning.
What can you do tonight to prevent death in the backyard.
Exclusive interviews. 360 M. D. Dr.
Sanjay Gupta spoke with former President Bill Clinton about his fight against his weight and the new campaign to help American children fight obesity and diabetes.
360 continues. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Collins: more about our development story in Washington tonight.
Supreme Court Chief Justice William Renquist was hospitalized with a fever.
This is the second first aid after 80 s. year-
The old judge for just over three weeks.
CNN\'s Catherine Koch joins us again from Washington, which is the latest--Kathleen.
Heidi: Heidi, what we know now is that, after working in the court earlier today, Chief Justice Renquist has a fever as usual. The 80-year-
An old judge was then sent to the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington for evaluation, a spokesman said.
It is not known whether he will be admitted overnight.
As you mentioned, just less than a month ago, Renquist stayed in the same hospital for two nights after complaining about fever.
He has been battling thyroid cancer since October, and as part of his treatment, he has undergone a tracheal incision.
He then left the bench for about five months.
He also received radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
The doctor again said that for cancer patients of his age, it is not uncommon to be hospitalized with fever.
It is indeed a precaution, they say.
Once again, the court will not mention the progress of treatment and the severity of cancer.
Again, due to the privacy rules, we do not expect the hospital to post any type of information.
Once again, renquest himself made a very clear statement after his last stay in hospital, contrary to what so many people had predicted, that he intended to continue on the bench, as long as his health permits, he will continue to serve as chief justice of the Supreme Court--Heidi.
Collins: cookies are really hard to eat.
Koch: that\'s true.
Collins: Okay. Kathleen Koch. Thank you.
Change gears now.
The carefree days of summer are on us.
If you are lucky, have a small holiday.
Swimming pool to jump
This is the beginning of the problem, especially if you are worried about the safety of your child.
Most people have
The ground-level swimming pool follows safety procedures and town rules and fences are set up around.
But most people who buy inflatable swimming pools ignore the basic precautions and sometimes lead to fatal consequences.
As we began to focus on summer safety, CNN\'s Gary tocheman explained. (Start Video)
CNN reporter gary tuchman (voice-over)
: You don\'t need to buy a backyard pool for thousands of dollars. (on camera)
Will you stay at home all day if you can?
Woman: Yes. TUCHMAN (voice-over)
: Some popular inflatable swimming pools are available for less than $100. (on camera)
What do your girls think of the pool?
Oh, they like it. They love it. TUCHMAN (voice-over)
: Charisse and Grant Nurnberg in assalia, Kansas, bought an inflatable pool for their children.
Their kids love it, especially their 3-year-old son Matt.
Pool owner Grant Nurberg: Matt, who are you?
Son Matt Nurberg: cool guy. G.
Cool guy, right?
Tucheman: he likes to spend time in the water with his brother, but just a few weeks after Nurnbergs bought the pool, one day, Charisse went to the basement to find little Matt. C.
Nurberg: I went down to him and the basement door I went out that morning was not locked.
Tucheman: 3-year-
The old somehow opened the door, walked out in the backyard and climbed up the steps leading to the pool.
It\'s only about five minutes since his parents last saw him. C.
So, I went back.
Walk down our steps to where the pool is.
Saw Grant kneel in front of Matt and give him CPR.
I knelt down and asked Grant if he had any breath. He said no.
I asked him if his heart was beating. He said he didn\'t think so.
So I ran in and screamed into the house.
Matt died in the hospital.
His sad parents didn\'t know at the time, because there are many people in most towns in the United States. S.
It is stipulated that there are more than 24 inch fences around the pool so that the children do not accidentally fall in.
Consumer Report don Mez: We think this is an absolute requirement.
However, many inflatable swimming pools on the market have less than 24 inch of water.
They also need fencing in our view. C.
I feel responsible.
I\'m the one who wants the kids pool. G.
I can\'t believe it. I don\'t know.
It will be the worst day of my life.
Tucheman: as the inflatable pool becomes more popular, there are more and more tragic headlines.
If the pool is 48 inch or more high like this, the pool wall itself is a fence.
But in many parts of the United StatesS.
Code officials are looking for a small inflatable pool that should have a fence.
Jim Royes is a code officer at Penn State University.
He found a family-owned swimming pool on vacation. (on camera)
The pool itself is not 48 inch high.
Jim Royes, construction inspector: That\'s right.
Tucheman: there should be a fence around here.
Royes: That\'s right.
TUCHMAN: because, in theory, a toddler can come here, go to the edge, fall right in and not go out.
That\'s correct.
Tucheman: it\'s against all the rules.
ROYERS: this is correct in violation of the residential building code. TUCHMAN (voice-over)
: Officer Royers issued a warning on the door.
If this is not corrected, a daily escalating fine starting at $100 can be assessed.
A few miles away, there should be another swimming pool with a fence.
Code officer gentle face-to-face warning of what is needed here.
ROYERS: self-closing self-locking door 48 inch m high.
Turchman: The manufacturer did provide the warning but did not elaborate.
On a case, the fence law affects this product, please consult your local council.
Or someone else\'s teaching video, this warning.
Unidentified women
Before setting up, please contact the local council to see if there are any local regulations that will affect the setting of your simple setup (ph)pool.
Unidentified male status
Because they are cheap, it is unlikely that people will invest as much as $1,000 to surround one of the swimming pools with a fence.
TUCHMAN: Intech, one of the major inflatable pool manufacturers, said in a statement, \"It highlights the need for adult supervision and compliance with local fencing laws.
But these warnings are easily overlooked.
When they played with their four children Brett, page, hope and heart, the Newberg family wanted to know if they had seen such a warning. C.
I\'m sure there\'s something on the box.
I mean, why not?
But, you know, there\'s nothing that can get our attention or send out any alerts.
TUCHMAN (on camera)
: The Newberg family grows pumpkins on the farm every year.
By the end of September, there will be more than 40,000 pumpkins on the land.
Thousands of children came here to pick pumpkins.
Happiness is a tonic for this family, but it is a double-edged sword because it reminds us of silent laughter. (voice-over)
: The feeling of guilt is still overwhelming. C.
NURNBERG: you missed the day of innocence and know that nothing really bad is going to happen to me.
Now I know something bad will happen.
Tucheman: Matt\'s grave is in a small cemetery and it is impossible to not notice an inflatable swimming pool with fence protection across the street. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Tucheman: The Newberg couple want them to go back in time, but they move on.
They threw away the inflatable pool but they took the kids to a community pool where they all had swimming lessons.
Now the story is not intended to discourage you from going to the inflatable pool, but it is clear to us that a lot of people won\'t buy it if they need to buy the fence as well.
That\'s why it\'s a great choice to choose a higher inflatable pool.
The smaller pools are more expensive, but a toddler can\'t help but fall in carefully.
And it\'s usually cheaper than buying a fence. -Heidi.
Gary turchman, great story. Thanks.
Next is 360, and more is summer safety.
What do you need to do about backyard trampoline?
This information can save your child\'s life.
Also tonight, provide summer safety tips for your family starting at 360 m. D. Sanjay Gupta.
Shortly after, former US president Bill Clinton talked about his struggles to lose weight.
How he lost his weight is now helping the kids do the same thing. (
Business break)
Collins: We will protect your child this summer for 360.
Trampoline is a hot item in the backyard.
It looks interesting.
But how safe are they?
Injuries on the trampoline have more than doubled over the past decade, but strangely, sales have tripled.
Even if you don\'t have a trampoline, someone you know, or someone your child knows, there\'s a good chance there\'s a trampoline.
You should listen to what we found before you let them jump.
Start Video)COLLINS (voice-over)
Trampoline is a recipe for summer fun for these kids.
But sometimes fun becomes a tragedy.
Jimmy Starnes is injured on the trampoline: I usually jump on the trampoline at least twice a week.
Collins: Jimmy Starnes is active 14-year-
Old in Chester, South Carolina.
He likes swimming and playing baseball.
I want to be a professional athlete.
Collins: One day six years ago, he jumped on his cousin\'s trampoline alone, jumping from the trampoline to the sidewalk.
Sue McCuller, Jimmy\'s Mom: You know, he just keeps saying he can\'t move.
I think there\'s nothing bad about it.
I don\'t think he\'s paralyzed.
But that\'s what happened.
Jimmy put his C-
His spine paralyzed him from below his chest. (on camera)
: Jimmy is one of the 100,000 or more people who are treated at E. R.
Injuries on the trampoline are like this every year.
Most of the time, these injuries are broken or sprained, but sometimes they are more serious and even fatal.
Still, according to data from the trampoline industry, trampoline sales last year exceeded 1 million, the biggest year ever.
This means that there are now more than 5 million trampoline s in the United States, with an estimated 23 million people jumping on it.
Is it really so dangerous to use something so widely?
Trampoline safety expert marc rabinoff: on the trampoline, you go to the store, buy it, take it home, it starts two hours later, 20 seconds later, one minute, a child jumps on itand-a-
Half way through, he\'s a group of four.
No other product works like this. It\'s a quad-
Machine waiting to happen
Collins: trampoline safety expert Mark Rabinov, who testified against the industry in 55 cases of injuries, said the trampoline could only be used in a gym with a trained supervisor, not in the backyard.
Rabinov: there are potential safety hazards in trampoline, which parents don\'t understand.
Collins: Most damage happens when there is more than one jumper on the trampoline.
When I started jumping on the trampoline, the reason was obvious.
Rabinov: when you come down, when I come up, the bed will meet, just like a brick.
Collins: It\'s hard to believe that when two people bounce up and one falls down before the other, this elastic fabric becomes hard.
It could be like falling from 15 to 20 feet above the rock --hard concrete.
Happened at 8-year-
Old Kush Patel, he will not spend the rest of the summer in it.
Earlier this month, when he was bounced off a trampoline at a party, he broke his leg.
Kush Patel was injured on the trampoline: I was already on the trampoline, and more people came, with a total of ten people.
I don\'t want to get off the bus because it\'s so interesting.
This is part of the problem.
The manufacturer claims that the trampoline is safe as long as all the warnings on the trampoline bed and manual are followed.
International Airport, LANI LOKEN
ASSOC trampoline manufacturer.
I believe they are very safe.
Collins: Lani Loken, director of the trampoline manufacturers association, believes that the number of injuries and concerns about the trampoline are exaggerated. (on camera)
: Lani, there\'s 100,000--
More than 100,000 people are injured on a trampoline every year, and the number is still rising.
In fact, this is not true. this is one of the fallacies. . . That\'s one --
Collins: So, are you saying that the numbers of the Consumer Product Safety Board and the American Academy of Pediatrics are wrong, and there are not many injured children?
LOKEN: their number of injuries is correct, although sales of trampoline may have doubled over the past decade or more, and trampoline usage has risen by thousands of percentage points.
Collins: The statistics are very good and the logic is very good, but there are still many children who are injured.
LOKEN: I think it\'s ultimately the responsibility of the people who buy the trampoline to make sure they read the user manual thoroughly and the trampoline is in their yard.
COLLINS (voice-over)
: The user manual clearly stipulates that only one person can jump on the trampoline at a time.
But we wanted to see how the trampoline was used, so we went to cranberry in New Jersey and talked to the kids about the trampoline.
We asked the children if they really jumped one at a time?
Woman: nothing fun. (on camera)
Does anyone do this?
Unidentified Woman: How can you play games with no one? DR. NELSON G.
Rosen of Schneider Children\'s Hospital: We can\'t count these numbers.
Nelson Rosen is a pediatrician at Schneider Children\'s Hospital on Long Island.
He says trampoline makers are unrealistic about how to use their products.
Rosen: If about 75,000 children under the age of 15 come to the emergency department every year, and 30% of those injuries need surgery, it\'s important.
We cannot make up for it.
Collins: Despite warnings from manufacturers and warnings from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Orthopaedic Association, and other institutions, children just want to be children and have fun.
But trampoline makers say they will be interesting if all the rules are followed.
LOKEN: these safety rules, I say again, one on the trampoline at a time.
There must be adult supervision without flipping. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Erica Hill of headlines now shares with us some of the other headlines of the day. Hi, Erica.
Hill: Hi, Heidi.
Nice to see you again.
Well, we are now learning that it will take at least a few days to get to know what just happened before Air France Flight 358 crashes.
Canadian authorities in Toronto say they don\'t have the equipment to download information from the black boxes on Airbus planes, so these black boxes, of course, record important flight data, so the download task will be outsourced.
As we know, miraculously, in the storm on Tuesday, the plane crashed when it landed and no one died.
NASA officials at Johnson Space Center in Texas say there is no need to repair damaged thermal blankets covering the shuttle\'s windows.
NASA is worried that the blanket will fall off and debris may damage discovery.
The decision led the shuttle back to Earth on Monday morning.
On Capitol Hill, just a few days after baseball star Rafael Palmero was suspended for using steroids, lawmakers are now re-examining his testimony in Congress ---
Before Congress in last March, he strongly denied the use of performance-Enhance the drug.
Now lawmakers are looking at the possibility of perjury.
Up to five years in prison.
Meanwhile, baseball Commissioner Bud Selig today proposed a tougher Major League Baseball steroid policy.
Well, not to St.
Peterborough, Florida and provide you with 5-year-
On last March, a little girl handcuffed by the police lost her temper.
The investigation by the Police Department concluded that the police did not violate any rules, but that they should do more to calm the situation without having to handcuff it.
Heidi, this is the latest headline. \".
We will give it back to you.
Collins: Okay. Erica, Thanks.
We will see you in 30 minutes.
360: What is the best way to treat sunburn? 360-M. D.
Sanjay Gupta has answers and some other summer tips.
Also tonight: Former President Bill Clinton talked about his childhood weight and how he is now trying to help kids across the country eat right. (
Business break)
Collins: Summer means fun in the sun, but if you and your family don\'t take the right steps, you may ruin a great time. 360-M. D.
Sanjay Gupta brings US summer safety tips.
The first question about wounds and bruises.
It\'s definitely a part of childhood for kids, right?
But how do you know when to go to the hospital for stitches? DR.
Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondent: good question.
Most of the time, most wounds do not need to be stitched.
Rule of thumb: First of all, this is a very important area of beauty if it is on the face, so you may need to go to the hospital.
More than half the time.
Cut in inches and may also require stitching.
And a deep cut.
What is deep meaning?
It\'s a bit disgusting here, but it means that it may also need to be stitched if you can really see the fat below.
In addition, keep the pressure for 10 minutes in terms of bleeding. No peeking.
Heidi, if it is still bleeding at the end, it may also mean stitching.
Collins: Okay.
Great guidelines in this regard.
What if your child gets hit in the head at a softball game or on the playground?
When the head injury is so severe that it takes not only an ice bag, but also a small kiss.
Gupta: You know, an important thing to remember about this interesting thing ---
You will remember one day. -
The wound on the scalp, the wound on the scalp, will bleed a lot.
In fact, it may seem shocking how much bleeding the scalp will bleed.
But most of the time, it stops under pressure and ice bags.
Again, how do you know when to go to the hospital?
Again, if there is no bleeding after ten minutes or your child is really knocked out.
This seems obvious, but if your child is knocked out, it\'s important to go to the hospital for a check-up, perhaps a CAT scan.
Or if later that day, at night, if the child starts to feel unusually sleepy, or has any numbness, weakness or language problems, go to the hospital, and Heidi does the same.
Collins: Thank you very much to our neurologist.
Also, a lot of us are having this situation, Sanjay--
Adults and children are the same. -
You came out of the pool and your ears were blocked by water.
How to remove the water from the ear?
Gupta: You know, first of all, it\'s important to get rid of the water because you might actually develop something called the ears of a swimmer, it\'s inflammation, it\'s painful, it\'s annoying.
You don\'t want it.
There are a few things
I mean, when you go out, you can-
I told you this as a doctor. -
You can shake your head so you can pour the water out.
You can either use a towel or a corner of a tissue or soak some water from your ear canal.
There is also a little thing that mom may have told you too that you can drink some alcohol, mix it with a little white vinegar and drop a few drops in your ears, which not only helps the water flow out of your ears, infection can also be prevented.
So these are some tips.
Collins: Okay.
It\'s a big one.
What is the best way to treat it?
Gupta: First of all, you have to cool your skin.
Again, it may seem obvious to cool the skin and use something similar to a cold compress.
But you can also use aloe vera.
Aloe vera is a very good cream, which is beneficial to the body.
1% water and ketone cream, this should be available for every family.
Put this in your medicine cabinet.
It will eliminate the sting caused by sunburn.
To relieve the pain, you can take some painkillers such as Tylenol or aspirin.
What you don\'t want to do, Heidi, is that it\'s important not to use those heavy creams.
They just wanted to lock the heating up to make it more painful.
It won\'t get rid of sunburns faster.
And don\'t have any sunburn blisters that may leave scars.
Collins: hurry up, Sanjay, last one, what is the best way to treat a bug bite?
GUPTA: Well, there are a few new products.
Let me tell you soon.
Mosquito repellent is known to everyone.
It\'s good, it can also work all day.
Parka Latin is a new guy.
This is a new insect repellent that has just been approved.
It\'s been a long time since we had a new product.
In addition, Lemon Eucalyptus oil is also a plant insect repellent.
A lot of people want a way to replace their deet.
Both methods also seem to work well.
Collins: Okay. Very good.
Thank you, Sanjay Gupta.
Gupta: Okay. Any time.
Collins: Now let\'s take a look at the latest developments in Paula Zane. Hi, Paula.
Paula Zane, cnn anchor: Hi.
We have a way to treat sunburn here.
Work on CNN and then you won\'t go out.
Collins: Don\'t go out. Love that.
ZAHN: and most importantly, we\'re continuing our series tonight, safety at home.
How many cameras will it bring to protect us from terrorist attacks?
Well, at the crossroads of public buildings, airports and subways, the cameras exploded.
You may not believe that some of the new technologies that have come up are things that can be seen too far through your clothes?
We will also have the latest peeps.
This is called upskirting.
We will give you some advice tonight on how to be a victim.
Have you heard about it, Heidi?
COLLINS: Yeah! ZAHN: . . .
The camera takes a picture of your dress.
Paula, this is a good combination.
We will.
Thank you.
Collins: 360, MD Sanjay Gupta once again joined us in an interview with former President Bill Clinton, who talked about his own weight struggles and new ways to help American kids eat better(
Business break)
Collins: since last year\'s heart surgery, former President Bill Clinton has been battling obesity in adults and children.
Millions of American children are in danger, and that\'s why Clinton is campaigning to shape them.
He sat down with 360 MD Sanjay Gupta for this exclusive interview. (Start Video)GUPTA (voice-over)
: More than four years after leaving the White House, Bill Clinton has been traveling around the world, looking neat and healthy.
Bill Clinton, former president of the United States: I did a good job.
I think I have recovered completely.
Gupta: He said the campaign for the Clinton Foundation was driven by personal experience.
CLINTON: You know, I\'m probably the last generation of Americans, and it\'s common to think that fat babies are healthy babies.
Until I was four years old, I lived with my grandparents.
They just stuffed me.
So I always fight my weight.
I was 5\'8 when I was 13 and weighed 185 pounds.
Gupta: he lost weight when he was in college.
But in last September, when he boarded the operating table for his heart surgery, a poor diet of his life caused a loss.
Clinton: I think my death pen is probably the most influential.
After experiencing the health problems I experienced, I realized that I was given another chance.
I just want to make the most of it.
Gupta: making health a priority: AIDS in Africa, obesity in the home, and huge changes in personal life ---
There are fewer chips, more fruits and vegetables, at least one hour a day, and more rest at night.
Clinton: Emory University did a study saying that obesity alone has accounted for 25% of the increased health costs over the past 15 years.
So, I think it\'s an opportunity that I can save the most lives, do the best, and do something that I understand from my own experience.
But the bottom line is that we have too many children and are overweight. they are walking time bombs. GUPTA (on camera)
Is this personal responsibility?
Or is this something that the legal system and the government should be involved in?
Clinton: First of all, lawmakers and governors should be involved because they provide most of the money for the school.
So the first thing I asked them to do was look at the school.
Set some standards for school meals.
Of course they can do something about the vending machine.
They should either take them out of primary school or take the bad stuff out of the vending machine. GUPTA (voice-over)
Another goal for Clinton?
Fast food giants. (on camera)
You are talking about the food industry, the fast food industry.
Can you go to McDonald\'s today and say, look, does that make us uncomfortable?
I mean, it really made us feel bad, there was some food.
Clinton: We are in contact with McDonald\'s, other fast food restaurants and many food producers.
We cannot maintain it from the perspective of health care.
For this country, the amount of fat and sugar people consume is as devastating as they eat. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Gupta: It\'s very interesting that people at the Clinton Foundation will actually meet with delegates from the fast food industry later this fall.
We talked to McDonald\'s, too.
They reminded us that there are indeed healthier options on the menu.
They are eager to work with the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association.
Most interestingly, though Heidi, I don\'t think it\'s just a focus on healthier alternatives, like apples in salads, but more core menus.
A lot of people still order cheese burgers, soda and fries, Heidi, and it\'s very important that they keep an eye on that too.
Yes, very good. All right.
Thank you, Sanjay Gupta.
Gupta: Thank you.
Collins: It\'s almost there before we leave tonight.
CNN has learned that Supreme Court Chief Justice William Renquist has been discharged from the hospital.
We told you earlier that he was brought there for a fever.
He was checked for evaluation and has now been released.
CNN\'s prime-
The time report for Paula Zane is still going on. Hi, Paula.
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News or use our secure online order at www. fdch.
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