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Antioxidants - Nature\'s Gift!

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Every day we hear about antioxidants and their benefits to your overall health.In addition, antioxidants are exposed to considerable amounts in skin care products.So what are antioxidants and what exactly do they do?Antioxidants are commonly found in vitamin A, C, E, and β-carrots.
These special chemicals in skin care products help skin repair, strengthen blood vessels, and protect cells from the effects of sunlight, pollution, wind and other environmental factors known as free radicals.Although there are a lot of foods that contain antioxidants, it is impossible for us to consume enough foods that contain enough antioxidants.Therefore, adding antioxidants to our skin care products can ensure that we protect our skin to the maximum extent.
The selection of skin care products containing antioxidants also contributes to the production of collagen and elastic protein.Collagen can keep the skin tight, and eleastin can increase and maintain the elasticity of the skin, thus reducing the sagging skin and wrinkles.Antioxidants are very beneficial for your health and skin care products.
So if the antioxidants in your skin care products in your 20 s can protect your skin from free radicals, if you are 40, the antioxidants can repair the damage, protect your skin from further damage.Remember, the 40-year-old skin looks great, starting with the 20-year-old skin care program.Green tea is probably the most common skin care ingredient due to its antioxidant properties.
Black tea and oolong tea also contain antioxidants.Here is the formula for green tea Toner.Also, you can add other ingredients depending on your skin type, for example, add a little witch hazel to oily skin.Add a little chamomille tea to soothe the irritated skin.
Boil the water.
Pour the water on the tea or tea bag and soak it for 2 to 3 minutes.If tea is used, remove the tea bag.Keep it cold for refreshing skin toner.After cleaning the face, apply with a cotton ball or mat and do not rinse.Follow with a moisturizer
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