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appetite for obstacle course racing shows no signs of waning in 2014

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
They are long and dirty, and they are often soaked, wet and exhausted --
Thousands of people registered.
Obstacle course competition proved to be more than just a momentin-the-Pan-fitness fashion.
The popular endurance program attracts novices and experienced enthusiasts who have experienced severe challenges on their journey to the finish line.
These games usually combine running at different distances with training camps.
From flipping the tires and scaling the walls to style obstacles crawling under barbed wire and heat
Step on it on open fire.
For those who are determined to become better or keen to strengthen existing routines in 2014, the number of obstacle course competitions continues to climb.
In 2010, Togh Mudder held three events with 20,000 participants.
The figure rose 2012 to 35 projects, more than 460,000 people.
At 2014, there are Canadian matches scheduled in Whistler, B. C.
Toronto and Montreal, as well as dozens of countries around the world in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia and Europe.
Selica Sevigny from Canada
The founders of the Sparta race said their goal was to get 200,000 Canadians to the 2014 competition, with locations including the deer in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Alta
And Taiyang peak, B. C.
The Montreal native joined her in the Spartan race five years ago.
Fiance Richard Lee
Sevigny attributed the surge in participants to social media and word of mouth.
A total of 550 people participated in the first competition.
2013, 1. 5 million.
Range of activities sprint from Sparta-
A 5-kilometer race with 15 obstacles
For the beast, this is a 20-kilometer route with 26 obstacles.
In addition, there are competitions for teenagers aged 5 to 13.
Sevigny recalls taking part in the death race in Vermont, where she stuck for about 17 hours before dropping out of school.
She described this long endurance race as \"the hardest thing I \'ve ever had in my life\", which in turn helped to inspire her to finally create her own.
\"For me, at that moment, things changed deeply,\" Sevigny said in a telephone interview in Cambridge, England.
\"I decided that I would like to have more people like me who have never participated in such competitions in their lives, experience such things and feel that sense of accomplishment and confidence, this
\"The people who participated in the Sparta competition went from the children to the people among them. 70s.
Sevigny said many people used the event to celebrate major milestones in their lives.
However, there is no lack of fitness options that allow individuals to sweat in a relatively comfortable environment --
Whether it\'s in the gym or outdoors
What inspired so many people to sign up for the more daunting challenge, \"for those who have already done a lot of other more organized competitions --
Like the triathlon.
This forces them out of the comfort zone, this repetitive exercise, to do things that are mentally and physically challenging, \"said Vice President Rod McDonald.
President of Canfitpro, whose organization claims to be the largest provider of education in Canada\'s fitness industry.
\"But for those of you who don\'t have this experience, first, it looks interesting because once you get over the fact that you\'re going to get muddy, you get dirty and wet, then you will embrace it.
\"I think whether it\'s conscious or unconscious, it reminds you of the fact that when you\'re a child, you have to play on the beach, or you have to stom feet in the big mud pit, or whatever the situation is --
\"It\'s attractive,\" he added . \".
\"Even if you don\'t know someone, you walk or run next to them, or try to get to the obstacles next to them, and because you are all experiencing the same challenges, there is instant friendship.
Canadian fitness business magazine editor Graham langweier recalled that he had participated in an adventure contest in Collingwood, Ontario a few summers ago. The six-
One-Hour activities that combine boating, cycling, hiking, running and obstacles.
Many people have set up a team to participate, says langweier.
He noted that the vitality of the team, as well as the unique challenges, adds to the fun, makes the team competitive, or allows individuals to pursue their own fitness goals.
\"It is very interesting to do this, and the physical requirements are very high.
But you don\'t need to be in the top 10.
For those who are not in good health or are generally less active, this is just their goal.
\"Macdonald took part in a large number of adventure competitions and was ready to compete in Sparta in June.
He is leading the fitness professionals at the canfitpro conference and trade show in Montreal next month to prepare obstacle course competitions for clients.
\"A lot of obstacles require you to have good control over your weight, whether you push yourself down the wall or overcome other obstacles, climb a slippery slope or any possible situation, \"said MacDonald, a four.
Time Ironman\'s competitors.
\"The most basic action you have to be able to do is pull --ups and push-
\"Ups, crawling and running things like very steep slopes, most people don\'t do that,\" he added . \".
\"You can imitate or do these things in most gyms, but the best thing to do is to find a personal trainer or an institution that has some knowledge in this area to help you participate in the training program.
\"Macdonald was part of the big team that took part in the difficult Mudd in last September.
An obstacle, called \"walk of planks\", requires them to walk from a platform 15 to 20 feet from the surface of the water --
The task of scaring one of his teammates. \"(She)
She was trapped at the top because she was afraid.
She is trying to get the courage to go from there, but she is really sad.
We cheered her on the other side and waited for her.
\"A lifeguard on duty finally jumped up in the water and told his teammates that he would wait when she came down --
She finally did it.
\"This is a huge push for her because she has overcome what she thinks she can\'t do,\" McDonald said . \".
\"I think this is one of the great values of these Handicap course competitions, and it pushes you to a point where you may not have been before so that you can do what you think is impossible.
\"As far as fitness goals are concerned, Macdonald believes that attending an obstacle course competition is a reasonable goal set by many, but may be a long-term goal
Semester goals for most people.
\"If they set that goal in January.
1. formulate the target competition for June, July and September. . .
In 2014, it would be very reasonable if they were in good shape at the beginning.
If they were sedentary in January, they might want to turn it into a 2015 target. 1. \"————
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