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aqua thrill at aquaventure water park-dubai

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
A person who loves the water park, can\'t stay calm on the next water adventure in Dubai?itickets.AE brings you incredible news!The water park in the heart of Atlanta is waiting to collect adrenaline pumping rides at the water park with you and your loved ones, which we will discuss later in this article.It is important to know that ● Water Park is the best water park in Dubai and the Middle East, and the fourth best water park in the world ● The water park covers 42 acres and has a series of amazing rides and slides.The water park is located in Atlanta, Palm Island. The water park is the favorite of athletes. Celebrities and tourists from all over the world ● Water Park is popular for its record-breaking rides/slides, the only water park with marine animal experience;The only water park in Africa and the Middle East with 700 of white sand and beaches ● The water park has record-breaking rides, including \"The world\'s largest surrounding water activities --
The longest zip line in the east.The water park has a large pool, rides and a variety of slides, including: this is the craziest water slide in the world and is widely regarded as the most terrible water slide ever.We don\'t know what exactly is going on with revenge here, but when the trap door opens under your feet, we\'re going to prepare some adrenaline surge, before you know it, you\'re down almost 75 feet vertically and you\'re in a double loop at speeds up to 40 mph.
Think it sounds too hard to handle?Warm up in: the leap of faith, most of us get used to the gentle warm up but not the leap of faith (in the Tower of Neptune )!It\'s terrible, but in the most incredible way you will absolutely love it!The soul explores the steep bottom, and you can see the tubes submerged in the water tank filled with sharks.Scared?We promise the predator won\'t eat you!In addition to the world\'s largest waterslide and giant sea snakes, water snakes are unique.Aquaconda riders fall into a dark, winding tunnel into your final destination --The world\'s largest fiberglass pipe.It is worth noting that this is the first double water slide in the world in the water slide.The riders are free to compete with each other to see who can complete the twists and turns first.But be careful-A wrong turn will take you straight to the belly of the water dragon fish.Zoomerango is definitely not a normal water slide.Features vertical descent and sudden descent, giving you a feeling of weightlessness while riding.Do you think you can overcome gravity?Zoomerango is the perfect one for you!The rides of the Tower of Neptune include: shark attack. This is one of the rides you won\'t forget for a long time!
A few seconds later you come to an underwater lagoon with all sorts of sharks in it.Before entering a maze of dark tunnels and guiding you into a calm river, the seaplane will push you up and down, and yes, it will calm your senses down.Pro tip: children do not meet 1.Both Poseidon and Neptune\'s tower will take 2 metres to reach the splash.Here the kids also had a great time in the pool, fountain and mini barVisit the water slide of the water park-Dubai ● for guests staying at the Palm Island Atlanta resort, it is absolutely free to visit the water park.Visitors can book tickets online here ● children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by adults ● height 1.It takes 2 m to experience most of the rides ● The water park is open every day from 10: 00 a.m. to sunset (subject to the time of the year) ● Free parking available at Nasimi Beach ● To make the most of your day, come in early to avoid crowds and long queues (keep in mind that you can skip the line by booking tickets online) ● As mentioned earlier, the park is located in Atlanta, Palm Island.So, in case you just came to Dubai-Just around the corner of downtown Dubai.It\'s too easy to get up early!● It is not surprising that the temperature rises quickly!This means that the ground also heats up quickly, and you don\'t want to be barefoot, and by day you jump from shade to shade.Be sure to bring shoes.FYI a pair of shoes will not fall off or slip, it will be perfectYou may want to avoid flip flops at all costs!Thank me later!● Would like to know how to carry cash with you with swim trunks or worse bikini?Good news!You don\'t have to take cash on a water adventure.Thanks to a system that allows you to wear wristbands.Just recharge with cash or cards at the beginning of the day and scan it every time you shop.● Remember to float on the rafting river like a boss and explore the water park for up to 45 minutes.The drifting River is 2.5 km long, so the reason why you need to get to the park in advance.● Selfie lovers, surprise!I\'m going to break your heart, but this is for your own benefit :) selfie sticks are not allowed when driving.But the truth is that once you start to slide down the slides, your photo time will be limited (you may be busy screaming for your dear life, haha) ● when it comes to screaming, leap of faith, not for the timid.You must be very brave.Nearly vertical 27-The drop in rice is not a joke, and if anyone has warned you, let\'s figure it out once and for all --They are not scared cats!To gain a deeper understanding of the situation, the trip was about three times the size of the London bus and half of the Disney World Cinderella Castle --Florida (which is huge) ● your safety in the water park is critical and you will find plenty of lifeguards, experts around the park looking out every second.This makes the terrible rides less intimidating ● drink, but don\'t overindulge.You \'ve been waiting for this, of course, and yes, the water park has a license to sell wine;) Have a beer or a mojito, but remember to throw you out of the park with a little cocktail party.Do you like dolphins or are sharks strange enough?You can take a leisurely stroll in the water surrounded by sharks, or enjoy a belly tour on the amazing dolphins!
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