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Are Bounce Houses Safe?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Why do people often question the safety of bounce houses?
Perhaps it is because the statistics indicate the danger that could be caused, but the fact is that the inflatable castle would be interesting if used under appropriate safety measures.
In the first season, Modern Family has a collection featuring disastrous birthday parties, ending with deflation in the bounce house.
Thankfully, any misfortune is avoided, as is often the case in the sitcom world.
Of course, the same is true in real life.
Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Board tell us that between 1997 and 4,900, as many as 2004 accidents occurred in bounce houses and other inflatable game areas.
Between 2002 and 2005, as many as four people died due to bounce house accidents.
These statistics are often cited when you ask a question about bounce house safety.
In fact, while there are a lot of accidents involving inflatable houses, these entertainment areas may be completely safe if you follow the appropriate safety tips.
The bounce house is known for a variety of names, including inflatable castles, moon bounce, happy jumps, etc.
These bounce areas are usually made of sturdy PVC and nylon and then inflated using an electric bottle blower.
Although small puncture, there is no problem of deflation, the structure of the large hole can be completely collapsed.
In many countries, there are strict regulations on rental and rental of bounce houses.
Cheap polyester is prohibited in the UK and the United States.
In Australia, there are extremely strict rules for building inflatable castles.
In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, bounce houses must pass engineering and safety standards before they can be rented.
Questions about bounce house safety came from not following the correct safety tips.
When you hire a bounce house for a birthday party, it is important that you make sure that they pass any standard tests set by the national authorities.
It is important to insure them and give them proper training to operate the inflatable equipment.
It is also important that they send supervisors and bounce houses together to tell the children what to do and what not to do.
Bounce House and trampoline work in a similar way, the difference is that the safety tips when using trampoline tell you that only one person can use it at a time.
There are many other things you need to remember about the bounce house, and the following tips should help you make sure you have a great experience with the bounce house.
If you have pets at home, remember to keep them away from the inflatable house.
Also asked the children to take off their shoes before stepping in.
Most parents question the safety of these inflatable castles.
If appropriate precautions are taken and safety measures are taken, the inflatable castle may be exactly what they want; fun.
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