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asda is selling a bargain water slide for your garden – and it’s cheaper than lidl’s

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
Thanks to Asda, it\'s easier to entertain the little guy at home cheaply.
Supermarkets sell garden water slides for £ 5, which means they are cheaper than Lidl\'s.
\"Best H2OGO!
Single Slide \'N\' Slide\' is 5.
49 m long, it has a built-in
In the sprayer directly connected to the hose.
The final shower pool collects water for Splash landing to make sure the whole family is happy.
Supermarkets told The Sun that 411 of Asda\'s 639 stores have cheap slides.
However, this offer is available as long as the stock lasts, so you need to avoid missing it quickly.
Savvy Shopper Kelly Graham shares her deal with the UK supercar and bargain group on Facebook, telling The Sun that she is in South Shields near Newcastle
She said: \"When I made my son slide up, I went back and bought another one for my nephew because I was very impressed!
\"They are interesting, and it\'s definitely a bargain for 5.
\"The same water slide costs £ 8.
Buy £ 96 on Amazon or it will cost £ 7. 99 at Groupon.
Meanwhile, Lidl is selling similar water slides for £ 7.
99, but this is also a little longer to measure 6. 15 metres.
Lidl reduced sales costs by £ 299 yesterday
The inflatable hot tub costs £ 249, which is cheaper than Tesco and Aldi.
If you\'re looking for a slightly cheaper garden accessory, Lidl also sells an inflatable adventure fill pool for kids for £ 35.
Alternatively, Aldi is selling a fire pit, which can also be used as a barbecue for £ 50.
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