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at least 2 injured as inflatable slide flies away in nevada

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
When a dust demon parachuted on an inflatable slide, at least two people were hospitalized.
Take it to the tree and throw it into the lamp post
Onlookers celebrate Independence Day.
The incident took place Friday afternoon in Sparks, Nevada.
Derek Smith told KOLO, an ABC affiliate, \"I was thinking, \'Oh my God, I hope there\'s no kids there\'TV.
Sky bounce house survivors tell about OrdealThe terrible and terrible moment-a child bounce swipes the FlightChildren\'s kitsch bounce house as it falls past the wind and puts the slide 300 feet into the air.
There was no one inside.
Nicc Thompson told KOLO: \"It\'s higher than a lot of buildings, and then it lands there --\"TV.
Fire officials say two people in the hospital were injured in the wreckage.
It is reported that this is the third time the bounce house or inflatable slide has airborne in a few months.
According to KOLO-the owner of the company\'s classic entertainment, which operates the slide, said it had gone through security checks and was approved by city inspectorsTV.
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