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authorities: \'mysterious\' man at water park was investigator

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
Pa West home. (AP)—
Authorities say a man reported to the police that he may have taken inappropriate photos of children at Penn West Water Park, a private investigator involved with a worker
A female customer of the West home sand castle water park found the man around 6: 00 in the evening. m. Tuesday.
He used long shots that came out of the window and seemed to be aimed at children in swimsuits.
The woman called the police and took pictures of the man and his car.
The police responded quickly, but the man had already left.
Police used photos and information from the woman to track the man.
He told them that he was dealing with a case in which he was following a person who was allegedly disabled and that he was visiting the water park.
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