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baby dolphin dies half way through performance at water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
An ‘over-worked’ nine-day-
An old dolphin died while performing for tourists.
According to one witness, the audience was quickly taken out of the water park arena when the newborn collapsed in front of them while performing magic tricks.
An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the death, but there are currently accusations that the Varna Dolphin House in Bulgaria has made it work too much.
Witness Lyubenov said: \"There was a riot at the time and the Dolphins stopped performing and performing.
\"The water park insists that, despite what witnesses say, it is not performing live, but people in the facility\'s cafe can see what\'s going on.
The Dolphins were asked to perform four times a day during the summer peak season, allegedly, despite its age, it was asked to work with adults.
Yavor Gechev of animal protection says five dolphins and one seal have died at the resort in the past five years. This means that even the minimum standard for raising these animals does not meet the conditions.
The animals struggled there and they did not survive.
The staff denied that the dolphins died in front of the audience.
Tsvetan Stanev, a biologist at the water park, said: \"You can\'t let the mother leave the child in order to participate in the performance.
This could happen about six months after birth.
\"A little dolphin took part in the show nine days after birth-it never happened in this dolphin house!
\"Captive dolphins have a 50 to 75 chance of death in their first year of life.
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