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backyard pools register on cards

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
As part of a plan to reduce drowning in the backyard, all swimming pools may need to be registered in Victoria soon.
An online pool register was put into use on Monday in New South Wales and pool owners need to register their pool by October 29.
The government of Napa is considering similar action.
A spokesman for Planning Minister Matthew Guy said: \"Some suggestions to improve the safety of the pool are under consideration, including the establishment of a pool register in order to be able to assess the domestic pool . \".
At the last July Melbourne Children\'s and pool safety summit hosted by Mr Guy, the idea of pool registration was discussed.
\"We can\'t stand by and let the family continue to be affected by some issues that can be resolved wisely,\" he said . \".
\"Drowning is the most common preventable cause of death for children under the age of five and it is our responsibility to address the pool fence and safety issues. \'\'In 2011-
Two children drowned in a Victoria-style backyard pool or spa.
If the new state swimming pool is not registered before the deadline, the owner will face a fine of $220.
If there is no valid pool compliance certificate obtained from the certification authority, the owner will be prevented from renting or selling their property.
From May 2010, all new outdoor swimming pools or outdoor spas in Victoria need 4-
Swimming pool fence.
Those buildings built before 2010, as long as the doors and windows in compliance with safety regulations are installed, the walls of the building can be used as barriers.
Opposition planning spokesman Brian Tee said there was no reason for the government to delay the launch of the pool register in Victoria.
\"We\'re playing catch again.
\"Like the new state,\" he said . \"
A spokeswoman for a private swimming school called \"learn to swim Victoria,\" said the pool registration was \"a very good idea \".
Strict swimming pool safety requirements and swimming from small teaching children are important water safety measures, she said.
Bill MacArthur, president of the Victorian Society, said the association had lobbied for a period of time for registration of the pool.
He called on the state to pay the inspectors now to ensure that the swimming pool meets the safety requirements.
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