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backyard recirculating splash pad

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
My kids love to play on splash pads in the water park and I think I can build a splash pad for my yard.
Sure, I could have turned on the hose, but the place we stayed was a bit dry, so I let it cycle again.
I have set up a water level based on the instructions from erikjohnson: similar, but larger.
Plastic crates or plastic pallets-
I measured 24 \"x 16\" x 6 \"with four boxes \".
I found it on craigslist.
Plastic tray is also OK.
Border use ~ 2 ft 2 \"diameter pvc Paster
I used a friend about 16 feet 2x8 plates lying around the reservoir
I used hardwood flooring padding but the tarps or other thin padding should work as well.
Plastic drop clothI used 9\'x12\' .
5 mil, doubled, but as thick as possible.
Anti-fatigue foam floor liner-
I used three square pieces of 2 \'x2. 6ft by 5 ft.
Water transport water pump-
I\'m using the hatch pump for port freight, 200 gallons per hour, about $20.
The downside is that you need a 12 volt power supply.
You can use an AC powered fountain pump, but you need to take some additional precautions from the pump output to the pvc 3/4 pvc wiring of the pump
I used 16 spec zipper power supply for pumping pvc pipe
I used 3/4 inchPVC accessories
4 each PVC side socket elbows1 pvc t has a threaded connection 1/2 \"x 6 inch, thread endcapI for each 1/2\" made my reservoir deck with plastic case
I\'m thinking about using plastic pallets, but I was able to get these crates faster.
The downside of these crates is that they bend a bit when I stand on the crate, so I tie about 2 inch PVC pipes to the center of each carton with a zipper.
Put out the four crates and measure them. I got 48\"x32\".
Then, I added 3 inch for the pvc pipe to get the inside dimensions of the frame.
I added another 3 inch on the shorter sides so the wood could be screwed together.
This lets me cut your wood into 51 \"x38 \".
I cut my 2x8 wood into 6 inch wide (
If you buy 2x6, it\'s only 1. 5x5. 5)
Then I cut two boards 51 inch long and two 38 long.
Screw the frame together using deck screws.
Lay the base pad or waterproof cloth on a wooden frame. I mainly use sliding fit pvc coupler in the area where the pipe is captured by the frame.
Cut 3/4 pvc and surround your reservoir deck with a side outlet elbow at every corner of the sprayer.
I let the entrance through a handle of the basket.
Use any pipe that works for you to install the pump on the frame.
I used a lot of zippers to keep the pump in place on the basket so that the inlet filter goes down when the crate is set in the frame.
Drill a small hole in your tailcap, place them on the sprinkler riser and screw them to the elbows in every corner.
Be sure to drill at a certain angle so that the water does not direct injection.
You want the spray to fall somewhere on the splash pad deck.
At this point, I tested the installation of nozzle frames, deck frames, and decks.
Lay the green underwear on the wooden frame, then place the plastic drip cloth on the frame and press the pvc nozzle frame in place.
Next, place the crate installed on the pump into its position and attach the nozzle frame to the pump.
Take the fatigue pad, cut the cracks and let the water pass.
In the end, I cut about 1/4 thick wounds and ran about the third of the length of each cushion.
Place the mat on the floor with a sunshade covering everything.
It\'s time to see if this device is working.
Fill the reservoir and open the pump.
Your nozzle may not be in the right size.
I\'m too small. (
It\'s good because it\'s easier to drill larger holes than to shrink them)
Slowly increase the hole size of one nozzle at a time to get the spray pattern you want.
My goal is to spray four streams into the mat center.
Once everything is done, I plan to fix the masking tape down with a pipe.
Trim the sprinkler riser to flush the nozzle with the top of the liner.
Place a shading cloth centered on the splash deck and fold the corners to show the position of the nozzle.
Fold the cloth several times and melt the holes about the nozzle size 75% with a lighter or torch.
Push the nozzle in and fasten the cloth with a zipper inside the splash pad.
Hide the waterproof cloth under the splash deck, then put on the sunshade and plug it in as well.
Then tie the perimeter with tape.
I ran out of tape and finally changed to packing tape.
I added a remote control to the power supply so that it can be activated remotely.
I used a Christmas light remote and you can find it for 10 yuan.
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