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banashankari can now cool off with new swimming pool - the ...

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Residents of the area near Banashankari 2nd stage now have a cool place.
A swimming pool with a fitness center is provided by mahanthi Palike, Bangalore, blue Hart (BBMP)
On Tuesday in the Ganesh Mandir ward here.
The inauguration was also part of the ward.
The level celebration of Kempe Gowda day.
After the opening ceremony of the swimming pool, Interior Minister R.
The facility is encouraged by Ashok.
\"Young people don\'t need to go to tanks and lakes in cities where they are in danger of drowning.
\"Swimming will be supervised here,\" he said . \".
On the issue of the city\'s severe water shortage, he said that the city\'s founder, Kenbi Ganda, has created hundreds of lakes in Bangalore.
\"Several of them have disappeared.
\"The government will honor him by protecting the remaining lakes,\" he said . \". Mr.
Ashok said the new mayor and deputy mayor will be elected on April 26.
Looking at the next parliamentary election, he promised voters that the Padmanabhanagar constituency would be one of the best in the city.
Infrastructure and Public living facilities will be improved, and parks and free computer training centers will be open soon, he said.
Mayor Sharadamma urged the public to remain clean and hygienic while making the most of the facilities created by BBMP.
After the inauguration, an award ceremony was held, in quite a hurry, to accommodate Mr.
Of Ashok\'s schedule, 10 elderly people from wards were commended for their contributions in various fields.
As part of Kempe Gowda day, the winners of various competitions received prizes.
The 50 m x 20 m swimming pool leased to the Pooja institution is built according to international standards.
Rooms include dressing rooms, a children\'s pool and a gym.
There is a special batch of women. Mohan G.
\"It offers not only swimming coaches, but also yoga, cardio and table tennis coaches,\" the lessee said.
This center is different from other BBMP swimming pools.
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