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bathers batter security guards with plastic chairs and a gun goes flying as huge fight breaks out at water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
In a water park in Israel, a group of men quarreled with security guards, and parents picked up their children and fled in terror --
A gun flew over the floor.
On Saturday, June 9, at Yamit 2000 water park in Tel Avivon, a security guard was hit in the head by a chair in the melee.
When the men quarreled with each other and threw chairs at each other, the family hurried away from the nearby pool and the waterslide.
During the confrontation, a guard\'s gun fell out of his pocket and when he tried desperately to retrieve it, he was repeatedly hit by a chair. A 17-year-
Police are currently under investigation.
The violence apparently started because the swimming team did not have a valid ticket to enter the park.
The video shows a security guard detained a man before he was struck by another man and injured in the back of his head.
In front of the terrified family, swimmers and guards continue to beat each other with chairs and fists.
In the end, as more security guards arrived at the scene, the fighting man disappeared from sight.
Some swimmers wander around in a daze, and as the guards run past them, they cling tightly to the injured head.
Then the young children ran to the scene and watched with shock the remains of dozens of plastic chairs.
Chen Shimin, CEO of the water park, told local media that the standoff began after a group tried to enter the SPA without buying the right tickets.
I don\'t know if they were drunk, Chen said, but they certainly didn\'t follow the instructions of the security guard and the usher-they tried to force in.
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