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beavers breed in cotswold water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Beaver may breed in Britain for the first time in 500.
On 2005, six beavers were released to the wild life of the Cotswold Water Park near the South Cerney of the Gloos, believed to have been thought to have been released,
In the 16 th century, beavers were hunted to extinction for their fur, and they have never seen their cubs since.
But now the six beavers are considered their parents.
No one has actually seen these kits, but experts are sure they do exist. The beavers -
Tony, Cherie, John, Pauline, Gordon and Sarah.
Introduced to Lake flagham in the park.
December 28, 2007: the public approved the Scottish Beaver Trial wildlife experts to want to monitor their environmental impact and see if they should be re-introduced nationwide.
Dr Simon Pickering, director of conservation and restoration at the water park, said: \"We are pretty sure they have grown up because they have become very territorial and nervous as if they were protecting their young people.
\"To get extra habitat, they cut down a lot of trees on one of the banks.
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