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best water parks within an hour of cambridge ...

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-16
Cam County is in the midst of a heat wave, with temperatures soaring to 32 degrees Celsius this weekend.
It is this hot weather that makes us want to go to the beach or swim in the river.
Although the nearest beach is a bit far from Cambridge, you don\'t need to go far to find the water park at all.
Read the following to learn about the best water parks in Cambridge within an hour.
Distance from Cambridge: 20 minutes for those with big kids with adventurous spirit. Inflatable barrier course in Cambridge Water Park is an ideal day.
£ 20 per hour, including free life jackets and/or diving suits.
It is based on farmland located in Fens, the center of hannwick, north of Cambridge.
Stowbridge Farm, Cambridge Road, cbcb6 3 LUDistance, 39 minutes from Cambridge. If you have older kids, they love something more challenging than the South Lake Water Park.
Located in little Parkston, South Lake follows the general Wikipedia principle of what a water park should look like, with huge inflatable obstacles.
The park is open from eleven o\'clock A. M. to seven o\'clock A. M. on weekdays and from ten o\'clock A. M. to eight o\'clock P. M. on weekends.
The price is £ 17 per person, plus £ 5 if you need a diving suit rental.
Palkston JR. , St. Netz PE19 6 from Cambridge: less than 15 minutes from downtown Cambridge and just an hour from Cherry simton water park.
The water park, which includes two small swimming pools, a picnic area and a tennis court, is ideal for families with young children.
You can even take your dog for a ride as the area is friendly to dogs.
The pool is open in September, although the park is open all year round.
Cherry simton Hall, Cherry simton Park, Cambridge, cam county, CB1 8DW, Cambridge: 47 minutes from England, if you or the little guy likes to stay away from the outdoors then you are
Featuring tropical wave pools, sinks and \"misty hills\" water jets, you won\'t have much to do in this venue.
Also, if your child is not familiar with swimming or is not the most confident, the center offers swimming lessons and lessons through the aquatics school program.
Open at eight o\'clock A. M-
Ten o\'clock P. M. Monday, seven o\'clock A. M-
Ten o\'clock P. M. Tuesday to Friday, eleven o\'clock A. M-
Seven o\'clock P. M. on Saturday, from seven o\'clock A. M. to 5. 30pm on Sunday. Tickets are £4.
90 adult.
£ 45 for kids and offers and £ 7. 35 families.
Departing from Cambridge, lecchworth SG6 2ERDistance Baldock Rd: 35-minute leisure is the best place to go if you have a large age range in your family.
The water park is suitable for children and teenagers, including climbing, balancing, sliding and bouncing around many obstacles.
However, if you don\'t want to get too wet, cycling recreation also offers water skiing, inflatable fun, Czech River, Jet surfing and jet skiing.
Or for those who want to experience a whole new experience, the park also offers courses on hoverboards, 4x4, and quad bikes.
The opening hours are from nine o\'clock A. M. to five o\'clock P. M. and the prices for all events can be found.
Starting from Cambridge, Bedford MK44 3 ALDistance, watersports center north westboston Road: 51 minutes, located in Bedford country, Box End Park covers an area of 100 acres
Jump, climb and swing in the water park obstacle course, or go out on the water and challenge yourself to water or water skiing.
However, if you prefer to stay on land, the park is perfect for cycling or off-road running.
There is also a restaurant in the park that loves dogs.
Opening time and price information can be found.
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