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boat driver \'did not see\' killed mari-simon cronje

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
A Marine report said the driver of a boat killed a girl he had been dragging, but she did not know that she had fallen into the water.
A ski boat ran over Mali
Simon Clinger, 11, is at the Prince\'s Club Water Sports Park in the bold font in west London.
Its propeller caused serious damage in the accident of September 11, 2010.
Marine accident investigation office water park use safety procedures \"defective at each level \"(MAIB)said. Mari-
Simon from London fell off the banana boat.
A yellow inflatable boat dragged behind the speedboat
At the birthday party
She was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived at the hospital.
\"The implementation and implementation of the safety management system used by the Prince club is flawed at all levels and does not effectively identify or control the risks faced by children involved in banana boat rides, reported.
The driver on board said he did not see the girl as he continued along a narrow circular route.
MAIB added that the ship was running without an observer, and the driver distracted his attention between looking forward and back to check the welfare of those who took the banana boat.
It says helmet\'s helmet.
Someone sent Simon a gray that was hard to see in the lake.
MAIB added that the tight circuit occupied by drivers reduces the chance to see girls in the water.
But the report found that the licensing requirements for ski boat drivers operating commercially were unclear.
The report added that the ski boat was made by a 22-year-
He was working in the park for the second summer.
MAIB said he did not have any qualification requirements but that his seven-year experience met the conditions of the club insurance company. Mari-
Simon fell from a banana boat 10 m to 15 m off the coast.
The report said that watching the parents shout and wave to attract the attention of the driver, but \"the driver did not see their efforts \".
After the accident, a child jumped off a banana and reached out a helping hand to her friend. Mari-
Simon saw her friend but soon lost consciousness.
An ambulance arrived at the park at 1649 GMT, less than five minutes from the first emergency call.
The ambulance team finally arrived in Mali.
Shortly after 1700 GMT, Simon had to run about 550 m with their equipment.
Greenwich Time 1739, Mali-
Simon was taken by ambulance to West Midlands hospital in west London.
Despite people trying to revive her, Mari-
Simon did not regain consciousness and she was declared dead at 1822 GMT.
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