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bounce house goes flying at oklahoma event; 3 children hurt

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Officials say three children were slightly injured in an inflatable bounce house on a windy day in Homer.
The bounce house is the venue for the mascoji Public Library event at the city\'s airport on Saturday.
The library said a gust of wind blew up the bounce house with three children.
Anthony Salcido\'s daughter, who was in the inflatable room at the time, said the inflatable toy was \"turning all the time \".
Salcido told Tulsa TV station KOKI that his daughter fell off the bounce house and landed on the grass.
Adults can grab the bounce house and pull it to the ground, Salcido said.
The library said emergency workers had already taken part in the event at the scene and the children were \"shaken\" but no one was seriously hurt. ——
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