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bounce house party games that kids are sure to love

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
Is your child\'s birthday coming soon?
Throw the bounce house party for fun and fun!
Add to the fun by preparing some games instead of just letting the kids jump.
Kids love the games at the party, setting them in the inflatable bounce house can add an extra dimension to the frivolous.
Here are a few ideas: Simon says this old game can reach a new level when it\'s done in the bounce house.
This becomes more interesting because leaders can let players do things that are only possible when inflated.
Simon said let you kneel down.
It will be painful if you are on the floor, but it won\'t be a problem due to the softness brought by the bounce house.
When the music stops, the traditional statue dance is also called Stop dance, and so is the bounce.
Any child who jumps in silence will be considered \"out\" until a lonely winner is left.
This is also very interesting because dancing is easier to control than bouncing.
PoloMarco Marco Polo is basically the same --
The blindfolded catcher must find the player by saying \"Marco\" and the player responds with \"Polo.
Take this as one of the games at the bounce house party for two reasons.
First of all, it is safer for the catcher.
It doesn\'t matter if he falls or hits the wall.
Second, it\'s more interesting.
All games are more fun in inflatable games.
At the bounce house party it was great for young kids.
Let them get down on their knees, if you want, 1 feet, four-limb race.
You can play through teams, partners, or individually.
After each match, it\'s always a good idea to give the winner or winner a small prize like candy.
This game always exists whenever the children are there.
Playing with it in inflation just adds irritation.
Just add balloons to the bounce house and you can add fun.
It just increases the happiness of jumping.
Young and older children will certainly like it.
These are just a few games you can play at your kid\'s bounce house party.
Be creative and add your own features to your child\'s favorite games.
As long as you always remember to follow the safety instructions, the tail on the donkey must be crossed from the list, and never let the child be unattended.
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