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bouncy castle death pair jailed for three years

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
Two playground workers were convicted of manslaughter for negligence after an inflatable castle was blown up by a young girl.
In March 2016, Grant, seven, died after being carried 300 metres in a park in Harlow, Essex.
A trial heard that 29-year-old William Thurston and 26-year-old wife Shelby were from cam County and failed to ensure that it was \"fully anchored\" on the ground.
The two men were sentenced to three years\' imprisonment in the Chelmsford criminal court.
Judge Garnham told the couple at Wilburton Whitecross Road that they \"took the greatest risk in children\'s lives by continuing to allow the children to live in inflatable castles. . . and that risk-
She spent her life in the summer \".
He also called on the health and safety supervisor to take the necessary measures to make it necessary for playground operators to have proper wind speed measuring equipment.
The summer from Norwich died from \"multiple wounds to the head, neck and chest \".
She and her father Lee and other relatives have been visiting the Easter Fair at Harlow Town Park.
When the circus\'s Super Dome was blown away, she was inside and sent it to the mountain before hitting a tree.
The earlier trial heard that there were only \"minutes\" left in the summer, but Shelby Thurston decided to \"let them finish their mission\" before putting down the inflatable device \".
The prosecutor stated that the defendant failed to ensure that the inflatable castle was \"properly anchored\" on the ground and that the weather conditions were not monitored to ensure safe use.
On the day of the incident, two days before Katie\'s storm was coming, a yellow weather bureau weather warning was in place.
Summer mother Kara Black read a victim impact statement in court describing how she heard her daughter scream when she died.
With the inability to continue reading, prosecutor Tracy Ailin QC continued to represent her, and Blake MS sat down.
It says: \"I never thought that the summer I played at the inflatable castle would end her young life.
The court heard that Black MS has been suffering from anxiety and depression since her daughter\'s death.
Xia\'s father, Lee Grant, said in a statement that his daughter\'s death had a lasting impact on his life.
\"When I died in summer, I felt like I was dead.
\"I don\'t think I have anything to live with, because she is my beautiful angel,\" he said . \".
If it weren\'t for his family, \"I would be selfish and commit suicide in order to be with her,\" Mr Grant said \".
Thursday was also sentenced to 12 months in prison for health and safety, which will be carried out at the same time.
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