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bouncy castle filled with children is flipped upside down and blown away by a dust tornado, leaving two dead and 20 injured

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Officials said today that in central China, two children were killed when a tornado sent an inflatable castle into the air.
Terrible footage showed that on Sunday afternoon, when people fled at a busy playground in cheng city county, Henan province, the large inflatable bounce house twisted around the tornado.
According to Yucheng county government, in addition to two deaths, one child was seriously injured and 17 others were slightly injured.
Two adults were also slightly injured.
Videos released on Chinese social media also show adults holding their children tightly as colored tents and food stalls are blown away by tornadoes.
A parent surnamed Li, who accompanied her child at the scene, told the Beijing News that she saw at least two children fall from a height of at least 20 m (66 feet)
After being carried into the air in a terrible accident
All parents are frantically looking for their children.
The children were crying, she told reporters.
The statement issued by Yucheng county government added that the seriously injured child had been operated in the hospital and is in stable condition.
The rest of the wounded were also treated.
According to the Henan Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the sandstorm caused by the incident on Sunday was about 10 m (32. 8 feet)
The diameter is about 3 to 4 minutes.
On last February, an inflatable castle was blown down by strong winds in the southern Guizhou province, injuring three children. west China.
Some children rolled to the public square and were not hurt, while three injured children were believed to have fallen from at least 30 feet of the height in terrible torture.
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