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bouncy castle operators should be forced to measure wind speed, judge says after girl\'s death

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
A judge said the playground inflatable castle operator should be forced to measure wind speed after a couple were jailed for the death of a young girl.
In the summer, seven-year-old Grant was killed after a gust of wind lifted an inflatable device from the berth and \"rotated\" it for 300 metres (980ft)
Go up and down the hill at the Easter fair in Essex Harlow.
William Thurston, 29 and 26year-
Old Shelby Thurston was jailed for three years after being convicted of manslaughter on Friday.
The juror of Chelmsford Crown Courthad found that they were responsible for the \"perfectly preventable\" deaths in the summer, which he died after being blown up in an inflatable castle they did not properly protect.
Judge Garnham called on the health and safety supervisor to take the necessary measures to force the playground operator to have the appropriate wind speed measuring equipment.
He added: \"In hearing the evidence of the case, I feel that in the 21st century this should be commonplace in the amusement park industry, as the evidence I have heard suggests, in the absence of an operator using an appropriate wind speed measuring device, the inflatable amusement device should be operated and open to the public.
\"I was told that enough wind watches could be bought for 100 or less.
I urge the health and safety supervisor to take the necessary steps to enforce the use of these measures in the playground to prevent another tragedy similar to the Summer Grant.
\"The Wilburton couple, located near Ely, cam county, was also convicted of health and safety after the March 26, 2016 incident.
They were sentenced to 12 months in prison for the crime and executed at the same time.
In sentencing them, Judge garnum said that the couple, after deciding to close the big slide, \"continued to allow the children to be on the inflatable castle\", thus taking the greatest risk in the child\'s life, \"That risk --
She spent her life in the summer \".
Summer\'s mother Kara black, while reading a victim impact statement, described how she screamed when she heard about her daughter\'s death.
As the emotional statement could not continue, Blake MS sat down while prosecutor Tracy Ailin QC continued to read.
She said: \"I never thought that the summer I played at the inflatable castle would end her young life.
Xia Ling\'s father, Lee Grant, said in a statement read to the court that the death of a young man had a lasting impact on his life.
He said: \"When I died in summer, I felt that I was dead.
Because she is my beautiful angel, I feel that I have nothing to live.
Mr Grant said he had a lot of questions, including why the inflatable castle was not properly tied, why was it put on hold if the weather was bad, and why would one take care of two resilient castles
The prosecutor stated that the defendant failed to ensure that the inflatable castle was \"fully anchored\" on the ground and that the weather conditions were not monitored to ensure safe use.
On the day of the incident, two days before Katie\'s storm was coming, a yellow weather bureau weather warning was in place.
She was rescued from the inflatable castle in the summer and taken to hospital where she died of injury.
After the verdict, Nicolas Janes, from the Health and Safety Department, said death was \"completely preventable \".
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