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bouncy castle trial: fairground worker \'froze\' as inflatable blew away

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
A playground staff member heard from the court that when an inflatable castle exploded with a young girl still inside, he felt \"incredible \".
In March 2016, Summer Grant died in a hospital after being rescued from inflatable toys at a market in Essex Harlow.
William Thurston told Chelmsford Crown Court that he was temporarily \"frozen\" before chasing the inflatable castle to \"roll\" down the mountain.
Mr. Thurston and his 26-year-old wife Shelby have denied manslaughter.
They also deny health and safety crimes.
The 29-year-old Mr. Thurston told the court how he pulled the emergency exit zipper on the inflatable device and put her in a recovery position during the summer, describe it as \"the worst thing I \'ve ever seen \".
The jury heard that the inflatable castle \"suddenly\" rose, and Mr Thurston felt \"incredible\" and \"frozen for a second\" before chasing \".
Defense lawyer Charles Bott QC asked his client: \"Do you think you should be responsible for the death of the Summer Grant?
\"Yes, I do have a sense of responsibility,\" replied Mr Thurston . \"
The simple fact is that we can take the inflatable castle early.
Now, obviously, I hope we do.
He said he knew the Katie storm would arrive in two days, but he thought it was \"not important \".
\"I thought there were two days left and the weather would change a lot in two days,\" he told the jury . \".
He said that he did not have a \"scientific method\" to measure wind speed, and that no one suggested to him that it would be useful to buy a anemometer before the accident --
An instrument used to measure wind speed.
Prosecutors said Thursday at white wave Road, Wilburton, cam county, failed to ensure that the inflatable castle was \"fully anchored\" on the ground and that weather conditions were not monitored to ensure safe use.
In the summer, from Norwich, who died of \"multiple wounds to the head, neck and chest,\" she attended the fair with her father Lee Grant and other family members.
The trial continues.
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