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bouncy castles should be banned after second fatal accident, says mp

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
A Conservative MP called for a complete ban on inflatable castles as a young girl died 20 feet from the \"explain\" Inflatable trampoline.
The 3-year-old was reportedly seriously injured after he \"ejected\" from the inflatable castle on the Norfolk goleston beach.
The public and nursing staff tried to revive her, but she died at the scene shortly after she was 11 years old due to a cardiac arrest. Fifteen o\'clock A. M. Sunday (July 1).
It is believed that hot weather may cause inflation as temperatures reach 29C.
The tragedy took place after the death of seven-year-old Summer Grant, who was crushed to death in 2016 by an inflatable castle in a park in Essex Harlow.
William Thurston, 29, and Shelby Thurston, 26, married in Wilburton, near Erie, after failing to properly protect the inflatable, he was found to be responsible for the \"perfectly preventable\" deaths in the summer and was sentenced to three years in prison in June.
Last night (July 1)
Harlow MP Robert Haverton wrote on Twitter: \"There have been two terrible tragedies that the government needs [s]to look at [an]
Update the regulations and inspection system and consider temporarily banning inflatable castles in public areas until we are able to ensure their safety.
\"He also said that he asked for an urgent matter to be considered in the House of Commons today (July 2).
Meanwhile, summer\'s grandmother, Rachel Chamberlain, paid tribute to the young victim who died on Sunday, saying: \"Just two weeks ago, the person responsible for the death of my granddaughter Xia was imprisoned, I sincerely hope this will never happen again!
\"Things must change!
My heart is bleeding and devastating for this family!
\"Others pay tribute to the young girl who has not yet been named on Facebook.
Ryan Griffin wrote: \"While she was there, the jumping castle exploded, and she flew up 20 feet in the air.
\"Keep your children away from the unsafe castles! !
\"All the ideas are there (sic)
Alison Debra Delhi said: \"poor little girl, what she thinks is interesting ends in a terrible tragedy.
Think of the little girl and her family.
\"If this is the case with inflatable castles, maybe they should not be used on windy and extremely hot days!
Donna Wilkinson added: \"It\'s just an ordinary family day, starting with laughter and ending with tears.
\"My heart and soul are dedicated to this family.
Joint investigation between health and safety supervisors (HSE)
The local government and police have started to determine the circumstances of the incident.
On the beach, there are still police cordon around the fence around the \"bounce\" children\'s area.
There are inflatable slides, traditional trampoline and rodeo.
Playing on an inflatable trampoline costs 2 for five minutes.
No one is allowed to use any facilities owned by Curt Johnson, 47.
He was not present at the time of the tragedy, but he said the inflatable device may have exploded at high temperatures.
\"It\'s very disturbing,\" he told the Daily Mail.
We stayed on the beach for a long time and it must have been several years, it was the first accident we had there and it was very shocking.
\"It\'s not yet known who the girl was on the beach with, or if there were other children at the time who were inflating.
Witness Carla Longshaw said after the incident: \"I just saw the most terrible thing of my life.
\"An inflatable castle exploded on the beach, and the children on it were ejected into the air about 20 feet.
\"In this hot weather, please do not let your child in the inflatable castle.
\"I was very sad to hear that the little girl didn\'t succeed.
Send thoughts and prayers to her family.
Karen Selle, who left the beach at the time, said: \"I am leaving the beach and I heard the biggest explosion and immediately turned around.
\"I stood at the top of the stairs near the cliff, overlooking the beach, where people were, and everyone was shocked.
\"I spoke to someone who described how the girl was thrown into the air about 20 feet and landed on the floor.
\"It\'s terrible.
A man gave the girl a period of CPR before she was sent to the hospital.
\"The inflatable castle is not like what I have seen before --
It\'s like a trampoline, so you can jump higher than a normal trampoline.
\"This is such a sad situation. \"Emma Flaxman-
Taylor, the Great Yarmouth district councillor at Gorleston ward, said: \"At this moment, all I can do is express my condolences to the girl\'s family.
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