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bouncy castles: what are the rules on safety?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
After three people died. year-old Ava-
Norfolk Conservative MP Robert haffin has called for a temporary ban on inflatable castles in public areas.
The latest fatal accident happened after seven people died. year-
On 2016, an inflatable castle broke free from the berths of Essex Harlow.
So, what are the current rules regarding the safe use of inflatable castles and other inflatable game equipment?
According to the health and safety law, all inflatable castle equipment used by the public needs to be tested regularly by \"capable\" people.
An inspection is required before the first use of the inflatable castle.
After that, this is the case every year.
Director of Health and safety (HSE)
Anyone who wants to rent an inflatable castle should ask for proof that it has been tested annually, he said.
Hiring an inflatable castle that does not meet British standards means \"you take a risk on the safety of the people who use it \".
There are two main organizations involved in testing the elastic Castle: RPII (
Register of international game inspectors)and the PIPA (
Pertexa inflatable game certification).
Each inflatable castle provided by a well-known manufacturer
Private rental or public use-
There should be a unique \"label\" number that shows that its design meets recognized standards.
This number is then recorded in the PIPA database and the results of its initial and subsequent annual tests are recorded.
According to HSE, the types of inspections to be carried out by the inspector include: in addition to the safety inspection, the elastic Castle must also be accompanied by instructions for operation.
This information will include the number of people allowed on inflatable castles at any time, as well as any height restrictions.
When it comes to the weather, HSE says 38 km/h (24mph)
Is the recommended maximum wind speed to use the elastic Castle.
This is the speed at which young trees begin to swing.
However, most injuries are caused by misuse.
For example, people are trying to flip the bucket or the wall.
According to HSE, \"accidents with fracture of limbs and neck are not uncommon \".
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